The 11 Best Watch Dogs 2 Easter Eggs

Watch Dogs (Aiden Pearce)

The protagonist of the first Watch Dogs returns in the sequel, but only in a small cameo that is a part of the “Shadows” side mission. This quest requires you to help Aiden Pearce who arrives at San Francisco to deal with the members of Bratva.

You will learn about the meeting of Auntie Shu Boys and Bratva from one of the informants in the city. Then, you need to find a secret place of meeting, which turns out to be a bunker under the highway. You need to get inside and hack your way into the system.

Aiden Pearce seems to be in a trouble and you need to locate his cell in order to help him get out of there. The mission is really short, but it’s worth for that sweet cameo and an achievement.

Published Nov. 24th 2016

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