Is this our first look at Pokémon GO?

Is this our first official look at the upcoming AR game from Niantic and Nintendo?

This past week at SXSW, John Hanke, CEO of Pokémon GO developer Niantic, talked about AR (Augmented Reality) games and the impact they could have on the industry.  Soon after his speech, this video appeared online:

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Could this be our first look at Pokémon GO?  The game is due to begin testing in Japan this month, so this would be a good time to pull back the curtains on it.  As Kotaku points out, however, there is no video or transcript of Hanke's speech, so there is no way to know if this footage is 100% legitimate or not.

Pokémon GO, an AR Pokémon game for mobile devices, was first announced in September 2015 and fans have been chomping at the bit for any new footage ever since.  In December 2015 -- during an interview with VentureBeat -- Hanke mentioned incorporating Pokémon's iconic gym battles into the game as rare events, as well as giving details on how PvP could work.  Ever since, Niantic has been radio silent -- however, with Pokémon GO scheduled to launch this year and testing due to begin soon in Japan, the probability of this being real (albeit early) footage seems pretty high.


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Published Mar. 21st 2016
  • | Narz |
    Hm... I guess we'll wait and see. I hope we get to see more
  • Chief-Moha
    Hard to say if its real as very little information has been released on it. But if it was faked there seems to be a lot of work put into it. and the google map is Representative of what we see in other games of the genre.

    Seems like there is a good chance of this being early gameplay footage. Or at least a proof of concept video. Of course there is really no way to know at this point but it seems at least like a 50/50 shot its real. maybe higher considering how close we are to Japans testing phase.

    personally i feel like more of the videos that turn out to be fakes normally play to the hype/ expectations of the game. Since they tend to be made by fans they normally show more of what that person wants the game to be. As "Ashley SSS" pointed out there is no battle to capture the pokemon, that's something i would expect a fake to show case.

    Just my observations and opinion though.


    The more i think about it, the more i think this is real.

    Note the items he got after capturing, he gained something called a Crystal. I dont remember any items in the games looking like that so that would lead me to believe its some sort of in game currency. they mentioned before that the game would be free with in app purchases. However they never said what kind of purchases.

    It wouldn't make sense to me to let people buy pokemon. Which makes me think that these "Crystals" are used to buy certain items like pokeballs and potions.

    Personally i dont think someone would fake this and add something like that. Someone who was faking the video would use the traditional poke currency (Pokémon Dollar).

    Again just my personal opinions but i dont think this is fake but instead either early footage or as i stated before a proof of concept video. However after noticing the crystals i am leaning towards early footage past concept.
  • Eric Levy
    I agree, leaning a bit more towards a proof of concept video since this was supposedly during a talk about AR, not specifically Pokemon. I do believe the chances of it being real are high, like you said, at least 50/50 since we're so close to the testing phase.
  • Eric Levy
    Love hearing other opinions on these types of things. Thanks for giving your two cents :)
  • Chief-Moha
    Do we have a timeline on when the speech was? The Youtube video was Published on March 19, 2016. Any idea when the Conference was?

    Been thinking about this more and am updating my original comment. As i was typing it here and it turned into more than a paragraph.
  • Eric Levy
    I'm going the assume the talk was on the 19th since the video was (supposedly) uploaded shortly after it finished.
  • Eric Levy
    agreed on your theory regarding the crystals adding to the legitimacy. I couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Ashley Gill
    Associate Editor
    I am disappointed by the fact you don't have to battle to capture. Maybe it's just not shown? :(
  • RavenDQ
    I really hope that they include battling in the capture system. I know they are taking a big step and this won't be like any other Pokemon game, but still, I can't imagine it without battling.
  • Eric Levy
    I'm crossing my fingers that they'll incorporate wild battles and will show that off when gameplay is "officially" released. It just wouldn't feel like a true Pokemon game without them, hopefully the developers feel the same.
  • Eric Levy

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