Nioh 2 Unveils Three-Player Co-Op, Customizable Yokai

Team Ninja has outlined Nioh 2 co-op and Yokai customization, surpassing what was found in the original.

During a recent Japanese Devstream, Team Ninja revealed some new details about Nioh 2, including three-player co-op and customizable Yokai. Importantly, co-op will be available for the entire game. 

In Nioh, players could summon a friend or random to fight boss battles or as an extra blade in between. However, co-op was restricted to two players for a vast majority of its run. The game only allowed players to summon an additional ally once they had attempted the game's Abyss Mode.

Nioh 2 will instead allow players to play the full game with up to two other friends, but it will add more and more enemies to each map should players choose to summon them, ramping up the difficulty in the process. Players also won't have to worry about fighting over loot drops, as each drop is a personalized instance for each player.

Adding to this, Team Ninja also revealed that avatar customization in Nioh 2 will extend beyond just the player's base character. Players will be able to customize their beastly forms in Yokai Shift mode, adjusting horns, accessories, masks, and more to hone in whatever demonic look they prefer.

As of now, the Nioh 2 is set to release as a Playstation 4 exclusive on March 13. The newly unveiled features shown here are sure to add to the already impressive amount of hype from Nioh loyalists and fans. For aficionados of games like Dark Souls — or especially Sekiro  who may have slept on Nioh's release, now's a good time to check it out.

Stay tuned for more on Nioh 2 as it develops. 


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Published Jan. 29th 2020

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