Pikmin 3 Nintendo Direct Happens Tomorrow

Pikmin 3 themed Nintendo Direct Broadcast in Japan June 26, 2013.

Pikmin DirectNintendo president Satoru Iwata has announced there will be a Nintendo Direct dedicated to Pikmin 3 in Japan June 26th. Given that Pikmin 3 will be released in Japan before anywhere else in the world, Nintendo wants to shine the spotlight on the upcoming title for the Wii U. Fans can expect to see more gameplay footage while Hitoshi Matsumoto and the game's creator Shigeru Miyamoto discuss it thoroughly. Iwata stated that it will be a lot different than the previous Nintendo Direct presentations, and that fans can look forward to having major concerns addressed and answered. Despite the event being held in Japan there will be a stream going on that can be watched right here for those of us not native to Japan.Iwata DirectIwata listed Nintendo Direct to be hosted on Nintendo Homepage, Nico Nico Live, and Ustream. Hitoshi Matsumoto will be the interviewing Pikmin creator Shigeru Miyamoto. This was a statement   Matsumoto being a Japanese comedian and Pikmin already being an expressionistic comedy should make for an interesting watch, so tune in June 26th.


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Published Aug. 11th 2017
  • Thrown Fury
    I just hope purple and white pikmin will return to this sequel, otherwise like paper Mario sticker star, the series will be ruined. Nintendo just doesn't seem to get it this year, we want variety not just new stuff.
  • John Babilonia
    Nintendo seldom fails to deliver, but here's to having our fingers crossed in hopes they can provide us with brilliant games.

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