Jeremy Soule to Compose EverQuest Next Soundtrack

Breaking from Sony Online Entertainment's keynote panel: Jeremy Soule composer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to compose soundtrack for EverQuest Next

As Max and I are sitting through this wonderful keynote filled to the brim with player memories, community announcements, and good fun we were shocked with news that EverQuest Next would be taking a different direction with the soundtrack than previous iterations.

John Smedley began with reminiscing about his love of music in video games and next thing we knew, an announcement was upon us.

It turns out that Jeremy Soule, legendary composer with works such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be composing the entire sound track for EverQuest Next.

After we listened to the beautiful track, we were given a wonderful quote of optimism towards EverQuest Next.

This team on EverQuest Next can go all the way, this can be the number one game in the world- Jeremy Soule SOE Live 2013

As always, don't forget, GameSkinny is on location here at SOE Live to bring you the latest Sony Online Entertainment news. Keep those browsers locked and see you tomorrow for the much anticipated debut of EverQuest Next.


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Published Aug. 2nd 2013
  • Kazz in space
    Featured Contributor
    As soon as I see his name I hear "Call of Magic" from Morrowind in my head. Infact I must go to youtube listen to it now... ahhhhh!

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