Fable Anniversary Edition Now Available on Steam

Fans of Lionhead Studios can now purchase "Fable Anniversary" on Steam - a fully remastered edition of the original game, with an all-new Heroic difficulty mode.

Fable Anniversary and all its DLC are now available on Steam.

Lionhead Studios has pulled out all the stops in this fully remastered edition of the original Fable title, updating the look and feel of the game for Fable's tenth anniversary. This HD version has an improved lighting system, updated graphics, and a wider screen, adding a lushness to the characters and environments that the original game lacked.

A comparison shot of the Greatwood Lake exterior shows off the vast improvements between the 2004 original release and "Fable Anniversary."

Better graphics aren't the only thing this anniversary edition has to offer fans - the new Heroic difficulty brings harder spawns and no Resurrection Phials to the game, providing a new level of challenge to hardcore lovers of the franchise.

Fable Anniversary provides an opportunity for new and old players of the series to whet their appetites for the upcoming beta of Fable Legends, slated for Autumn 2014 on the Xbox One.


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Published Jun. 15th 2020

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