10 Soundtracks That Make the Game

Shadow of The Colossus

Kow Otani

Ok, let's be real here: Shadow of The Colossus is my favorite video game of all time. As it turns out, my favorite anime of all time is Outlaw Star, which I didn't learn until recently shares the same musical composer--a man named Kow Otani. Both works share a key Otani quality--the use of brass and strings to transition suspenseful moments into triumphant ones.

In Shadow of The Colossus particularly, Otani is able to craft beautifully eerie melodies that perfectly supplement the empty loneliness of the Forbidden Lands--melodies that transition gloriously when the player discovers one of the lumbering Colossi. It's a score that tells a beautiful story, even on its own.

Published Jun. 13th 2015

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