Moon Hunters Coming to PS4 in July

The indie game, Moon Hunters, is making it's way to PS4 on July 12, 2016.

Moon Hunters is finally going to be released on PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe on July 12. The indie developing team behind Moon Hunters, Kitfox Games, began kickstarting about two years ago to make this launch to PS4 happen. Their original release plan was for winter of 2015, so they're not that far off from their goal considering the challenges of making an entire video game with about five people! Tanya Short, the design lead for Moon Hunters, took to PlayStation.Blog to make the announcement and give some insight into making the game. 

"The game itself has changed a lot since the original concept, but the whole time, we’ve been driven by this fascination with 'mythology,' and what it means for a person to become a legend."

--Tanya Short


Moon Hunters is a party-based RPG and up to four players can work together to discover where the moon has disappeared to. The ultimate goal is to build your character's legacy, which will be determined by every action and choice the player makes. The character will be remembered by a constellation in the sky, which will reflect everything the player has accomplished. 


Published May. 28th 2016

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