Fight in Style When Blightblound Hits Steam Early Access

Tackle the darkness with unique hero builds and some local or online friends in the upcoming dungeon crawler Blightbound.

Slaying the big bad in a fantasy game is usually all it takes to save the world — but not so in Ronimo Games and Devolver Digital's upcoming title Blightbound. Defeating the Shadow Titan plunged the world into a hideous Blight, and now it's up to you to set things right in this handcrafted dungeon crawler.

As you venture down into the blight-stricken world with your online or local multiplayer friends, you'll see plenty of monsters, puzzles, and chaos. But some of that is to your advantage, because you can expand your roster of playable heroes by recovering the fallen.

Each of these heroes has their own skillsets and abilities to vary your styles and playthroughs, and they run the gamut with classes like assassin and mage. On top of that, there's hundreds of items to collect for crafting and expanding your hero's gear and abilities, and you can also work on building your mountain-top base with help from artisans and items you get from clearing bounties

Initially, Blightbound has three distinct areas with several dungeons each: Blood Rridge, Gravemark, and Underhold, but the devs plan to regularly update with new content as well.

Blightbound is planned for Steam Early Access sometime later this year. We'll be watching this one closely, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Blightbound news as it develops.


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Published May. 15th 2020

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