HORI Nintendo Switch Accessories Leak Ahead of Presentation

Who needs confidentiality when you can have your two minutes of fame?

We're only two days away from the Nintendo Switch presentation, and some people just can't wait to get more news. So how do you satisfy? Well, you could always launch your favorite Wii U or 3DS titles in the meantime. Or you could check out the leaks of HORI's upcoming accessories for the upcoming Nintendo console.

Cashed in for a few minutes of fame, twitter user&nbspDroidXAce has released multiple papers confirming various Nintendo Switch peripherals designed by HORI. Most of the inventory items are commonplace things we'd expect for a Nintendo product. Nevertheless, they're pretty cool.

Here are some of the ones that jumped out from the crowd, check 'em out!

Note: All prices were translated using the current exchange rate on 10/01/2016

PlayStand ($13.71 USD)

Just as the title suggests, the PlayStand is a simple foldable device that allows you to place your Nintendo Switch on a cradle for mobile gaming. Likely a must-have for those of us who get tired of holding gamepads for long periods of time.

Joy-Con Multi-Charger ($31.66 USD)

As expected, the Joy-Cons will have their own separate charging accessory. The device is similarly shaped to the Joy-Con controller cradle seen during the original presentation. It also somewhat confirms that the Joy-Con controllers will charge while attached to the main console, but still doesn't confirm whether or not it will charge them while in portable mode.

Accessory Kit (USD $10.54)

Thumb grips, and triggers are included in this accessory kit. There are two pairs of each, suggesting replacements for when the parts wear out. The size of the lower trigger accessories might have been designed with hardcore audiences in mind as the triggers seemed rather slim in the trailers.

Starter Set ($31.66 USD)

Cartridge holding kits, a protector for the Joy-Cons, screen protector, and a carrying case. All of this screams "handheld console".

Real Arcade Pro Switch Controller ($158.32 USD)

Could this have been made in anticipation of yet unannounced fighting games for the Nintendo Switch, or was it simply inevitable?

Breath of the Wild Skin Set ($10.54 USD)

The interesting thing about this skin set is that it opens up the possibility for the Nintendo Switch to have customizable plates, similar to the New 3DS. Perhaps Nintendo noticed the popularity of the custom consoles and decided to stick with it? It should also mean that special edition consoles might be a thing of the past.

"Snap and Go" Protector ($21.10 USD)

Why protect your screen when you can protect the entire console! Once again, this type of accessory really puts an emphasis on the portable nature of this console.

HORI Pad ($31.66 USD)

An alternative to the Nintendo Pro Controller, the HORI Pad doesn't look quite as nice as the one we saw in the preview. However, it may serve as a good alternative to the often more expensive official Nintendo products.

LAN Adapter ($31.66 USD)

Perhaps the most interesting item of them all, the LAN Adapter confirms that the Nintendo Switch will not only have online play, but that there are ports on the Switch (rather on the dock or the console) that will act as expansion slots. The LAN Adapter also means that the Switch will - thankfully - have much more powerful online capabilities than the Wii U.

Car Charger ($21.10 USD)

Hopefully a good tie-in with the car stand that we saw in the preview, the car charger would be a great buy for parents who want to set it up for their kids while on the go.

That's about it!

There are, of course, several items that we didn't cover here due to overlapping information, but you can always check out this NEOGAF thread where all of the images have been compiled. Remember, despite the authentic looking images, these could still very well be nothing more than rumors as much more compelling material than papers have been submitted in the past.

Still, none of it seems particularly questionable, and some are certainly interesting. Mixed in with rumors circulating on the internet that the Nintendo Switch will sell for approximately $250 USD, the console seems to be quite affordable considering its utility.

What do you think of the accessories? Anything particularly stand out to you? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Published Dec. 20th 2017

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