PlayStation4 World of Tanks' new update includes Chinese tanks

Tank Dynasty update for PS4 World of Tanks adds Chinese Tanks to the game!

Wargaming, an online game developer and publisher, has announced that the 'Tank Dynasty' update for PS4 version of World of Tanks includes a Chinese tech tree.

A total of 20 tanks are getting added through this update. There are 8 light tanks, 7 medium tanks, and 5 heavy tanks, with one premium tank for each category. Famous tanks, such as the Type T-34 being known for its swiftness, and the IS-2 being famous for its firepower, are part of the update too.

Also in the 'Tank Dynasty' update is a new map, named "Pearl River". It is a map created based on Asian mountainous terrain, featuring a river surrounding a village of oriental style buildings.

World of Tanks is an massive multiplayer online game, featuring 20th century fighting vehicles. Through continuous updates, it currently includes various tanks and maps from all around the world. The "Tank Dynasty" update is out now for the PS4.


Published Jun. 16th 2016

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