How to Earn League of Legends Riot Points with AmEx

Imagine a world full of riot points.

Are you a League of Legends fan? Want to unlock some sweet features and special characters, but don't have enough riot points? Well, American Express has got your back!

In order to expand and appeal to a different audience, AmEx has created a pre-paid debit card giving users a chance to earn riot points for the League of Legends. The cards will be illustrated with characters from the game and according to The New York Times, AmEx will announce the new cards on Wednesday. Ads on the cards and a 30-second video will begin to appear on the League of Legends Web site ( on Wednesday as well.

How to earn riot points with the card

  •  Signing up for the card gives you 1,000 riot points.
  •  After loading 20$ onto the card you receive an additional 1,000 riot points.
  •  Linking up the card to a direct deposit account for the first time gives you 10,000 riot points.
  • For the first 10 purchases made with the card additional riot points will be earned.

Don't miss the 30-second video on Wednesday! 

Published Aug. 12th 2013

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