Ultimate General: Gettysburg hits Steam front page after removal from App Store

Apple's removal of Ultimate General: Gettysburg caused it to rise to stardom on Steam.

A game that Apple removed from the App Store for its use of the Confederate Flag got hugely popular on Steam overnight. The game, Ultimate General: Gettysburg, features historically accurate material, including the controversial flag. But it's removal from the App Store has led gamers to question the sanctity of video games. 

This historically-based game was released on October 14th, 2014 and has soared to extreme heights after Apple chose to remove it. Steam has even featured the game on the front page, and they have also given it a spot on the top 50 games on Steam. Many users have expressed fondness of the game, comparing it to Sid Meier's Gettysburg, and that the game has attributes that make it enjoyable, such as fantastic map views and A.I movement. The graphics leave a bit more to be desired, but this war game has earned a solid four stars. 

The outrage!

Many users on Steam have expressed their emotions about the removal of the game from the App Store, and they're full of rage. Quite a few believe it's horrendous to remove a game based on its historical accuracy, and that these actions will lead to more serious repercussions in the future.

Based on the feedback I've received from my previous article about the App Store's removal, I can say it's very concise with the gamers on Steam. Some GameSkinny writers and viewers such as TheSoapbox Lord also find it alarming.

What lies ahead for Ultimate General?

It's quite unclear at this time whether the game will remain available on Steam, or if it will return to the App Store. For now, you can purchase it on Steam for $15.


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Published Jun. 27th 2015
  • The Soapbox Lord
    Featured Contributor
    Nice quote you have there. ;)
  • topher339
    I'm simply thankful that Steam, unlike Apple, isn't run by a bunch of politically correct idiots. Apple has always been of the most politically correct and liberal of companies but I never expected this to be their reaction to the flag controversy. The whole situation has been blown out of proportion. The shooting was tragic, yes, and hanging the flag at a capitol was a stupid idea but it's no reason to ban a flag and pretend like it never happened. People are so afraid that the slightest thing will offend people and will go to the greatest lengths to remove any potentially "offensive" material. I'm glad that Ultimate General survived and thrived on Steam, despite Apple's actions. This country is really starting to drive me nuts with all the political correctness.

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