Dwarves, Aliens, and Loot: Deep Rock Galactic Blasts Its Way Onto PC and Xbox One

The procedural FPS exploration game brings frenzied, Dwarven co-op to Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview.

Deep Rock Galactic, the procedural FPS exploration title developed by Ghost Ship Games, is now available through Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. Focusing on frenzied co-op gameplay and destructible environments, DRG shows players what it's like to be a badass dwarf on the prowl for glorious bounty. 

Part shooter, part exploration game, part mining extravaganza, Deep Rock Galactic has been in development for several years and acquired what appears to be a loyal following through its closed Alpha builds. Adding new bosses, new alien enemies, and new mechanics over that time, Ghost Ship Games says DRG might have finally launched, but development on the game is still at fever pitch. 

We’re absolutely thrilled to be launching onto Xbox and PC, and we have big plans for the continued development of Deep Rock Galactic - new enemies, new biomes, new upgrades, even new playable classes!

--- Søren Lundgaard, CEO/Co-Founder Ghost Ship Games

At launch, Deep Rock Galactic features 4-player co-op, four classes (Driller, Engineer, Scout, and Gunner), and completely destructible environments. On top of that, each cave players explore will be 100% procedurally generated, adding a factor of replayability to DRG

You can grab Deep Rock Galactic on Steam and Xbox One for $24.99. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on DRG as it develops. 

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Published Mar. 1st 2018

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