Sam Gets Whomped in New Death Stranding Trailer

Death Stranding's new trailer only gets us more hyped for the game's release on November 8.

If you're looking forward to Hideo Kojima's upcoming Death Stranding as much as I am, you've got your ear to the ground for more trailers and goodies.

Unlike some of the other trailers we've gotten over the past year, today's brand new Death Stranding trailer is short, sweet, and not as cryptic as some of the others we've seen. Though, we all know the game is going to be the very definition of confusing.

It's less than a month until Death Stranding's release, with the game hitting PlayStation 4 consoles on November 8. The trailers have made it pretty clear Sam's got something important in those cases he's carrying around, but whatever it is has yet to be seen.

Keep your eyes peeled here on GameSkinny for more Death Stranding news, and look forward to our review and guides come the game's release early next month.

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Published Oct. 3rd 2019

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