Sony sees Until Dawn as a sleeper hit

The teen slasher game could pay off in the long run

In a year of so many open world games like: The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V, Dying Light and soon Fallout 4, it's good to sit back and play a straightforward story. 

The overwhelming positive reaction for Until Dawn came as a pleasant surprise to Sony, according to Sony Computer Entertainment Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida. It seems like the house of PlayStation didn't have much faith in this exclusive since it didn't have a big marketing push, if at all. However, Until Dawn seemed to surprise Sony so much so the company is saying it's a sleeper hit. 

Until Dawn is an interactive, cinematic game similar to Quantic Dreams' Heavy Rain. You take control of eight different playable characters whose lives are entwined by a rampaging sereal killer. As the game progresses, the choices the player makes, and who lives or dies, affects the ultimate outcome of the story. 

As of now, no talk of a sequel has been said but it wouldn't be a big surprise if one is made seeing as how Until Dawn sold more than anticipated. For now, Until Dawn is available for PS4.


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Published Sep. 30th 2015

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