New Pokemon and Trainers Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

New Pokemon evolutions and trainers revealed in the latest Pokemon video!

Pokemon Sun and Moon has revealed new evolutions for Pokemon, as well as some new trainers appearing in the game. There were also new Alolan forms showcased in the most recent video, so let's dive right into what's being added.

New Pokemon

Silvally - Normal Type

Pokemon sun and moon Silvally

The first new Pokemon shown is Silvally, which evolves from Type: Null. It has a new ability called RKS System.

  • RKS System - Changes type to correspond with the item it is holding.

There are special items you can make Silvally hold, which is how it changes types with RKS System.

It also has a new move called Multi-Attack. This move changes types based on the item Silvally is holding.

Hackamo-o and Kommo-o - Dragon/Fighting Type

pokemon sun and moon kommo-o

Hackamo-o evolves from Jangmo-o. Kommo-o evolves from Hackamo-o.

Both of these evolutions can have either the Bulletproof or Soundproof abilities, and they have a new move called Clanging Scales.

This looks to be this generation's Dragon evolution chain. This is a tradition that started in the original games with Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite.

Steenee and Tsareena - Grass Type

pokemon sun and moon Tsareena

Steenee evolves from Bounsweet and Tsareena evolves from Steenee.

Tsareena has a new ability called, Queenly Majesty. This stops the opponent from using any priority move. This will be huge in competitive battling. It also has a new move called Trop Kick.

Ribombee - Bug/Fairy Type

Pokemon sun and moon ribombee

This is the evolved form of Cutiefly. There is not much added besides it being an evolution. It has the same abilities, either Honey Gather or Shield Dust, and had no new moves shown.

Alolan Grimer and Muk - Poison/Dark Type

pokemon sun and moon alolan muk

These Alolan forms add a bit more color to these Pokemon, as well as the Dark type. 

The new forms store toxins within their body, so you won't smell unpleasant aromas when near them.

New Trainers


Olivia was shown as the Rock type trainer and Kahuna of Akala Island. Each island has a Kahuna that you must defeat in a Grand trial, which is similar to how Gyms were in previous games.


Ilima is Trial Captain that specializes in Normal type Pokemon. Trial Captains are trainers that complete trials recently and act as guides for your character.

That's everything that was recently revealed. Remember to check back at Gameskinny for the latest news and tips on Pokemon Sun and Moon when it launches on November 18th.

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Published Sep. 15th 2017

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