Sea of Thieves Shrine of the Coral Tomb Journals Guide

The Shrine of the Coral Tomb holds five hidden journals. Here are their locations.

It's time once more to dive beneath the waves in Sea of Thieves, this time to the Shrine of the Coral Tomb. There are five hidden journals to find, and to unlock the Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom you will need to collect them all plus the journals from five other shrines.

Sea of Thieves Shrine of the Coral Tomb Journals Locations

Voyage to where the Shrine of the Coral Tomb is indicated on your map table. Look for the colorful glow above the water, then channel your inner Jacque Cousteau and dive into the abyss.

Eventually you will reach a large underwater structure. Locate the glowing red coral above the transparent barrier. Shoot or strike the coral to gain entry into the shrine.

Journal 1: Seashell Earring

After you arrive, a waterslide will deposit you into a large water-filled chamber. Near the center of the room is an ammo box near some tall seaweed. The journal is resting on the bottom just to the right of it.

Journal 2: A Hidden Kingdom

Throughout this shrine you will be solving a series of puzzles which require you to find and pull levers in a certain order. Once you’ve finished the first puzzle, look for a red glowing cave that opens next to a mermaid statue.

At the rear of this cave is one of the levers, and the journal is on the ground to the left.

Journal 3: The Sea Queen and Her Warrior

Completing the second lever puzzle opens more areas to explore. This time, swim down to the bottom of the chamber, and look for a freshly opened cavern to the right of a large formation of orange and yellow coral running up the walls.

The journal is on the ground, immediately when you enter this cave.

Journal 4: The Whispering Plague

The fourth journal is available once you have finished all three lever puzzles. This opens a room in the large central chamber just above the water, marked with a large green glowing coral formation.

Look near the wall of Siren Skulls (spooky!), on the floor in the back of the room.

Journal 5: The Sunken Kingdom

The fifth and final journal is on the highest layer of the Shrine, near the massive Siren Statue. This area is inaccessible until you solve all three lever puzzles, which raises the water lever.

At the top of the area is a mermaid statue. The journal is leaning against some rocks to the right, situated near a barrel.

You’ve got your journals, now abscond with any ill-gotten treasure. This voyage is done, but we are just getting started.

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Published Oct. 7th 2021

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