Sea of Thieves Shrine of Ancient Tears Journals Guide

Here are all the journal locations for the Shrine of Ancient Tears in Sea of Thieves.

Deep under the Sea of Thieves a pirate can find the Shrine of Ancient Tears, the most complex and intricate of the Siren Shrines. To unlock the Myseries of the Sunken Kingdom commendation, you'll need to find the journals in the Shrine of Ancient Tears as well as every journal from the five other shrines.

Please note that in this shrine, the best order to read the journals is not in their numbered order. This guide is arranged based when you find the journals.

Sea of Thieves Shrine of Ancient Tears Journals Locations

The Shrine of Ancient Tears is labeled on your map. Sail there, and look for the colorful lights above the water. Deep beneath the waves is a ship, split in twain, at the base of a large rock spire.

Swim toward the ship, and look at the spire as you approach the seabed. You will eventually see a transparent barrier, held shut by a piece of glowing red coral. Shoot or strike the coral in order to pass through the barrier. You’ll be deposited on dry land, ready to explore the shrine.  

Shrine of Ancient Tears Journal 1: Ancient Umbra Tears 

Drop down into the hole in the center of this first room. Look down and you’ll see an open square of space surrounded by staircases. There is a circular pit of water in the center, with a square dais to one side.

Work your way down to the square, but not into the pit, to find the first journal leaning against the dais.  

Shrine of Ancient Tears Journal 2: Strange Tales

Dive into the circular water pit at the center of the main room. Descend to the bottom, and locate an opening to a side cave with a painting of a flame on the rear wall. The journal is on the stone platform in the center of this room.  

Shrine of Ancient Tears Journal 5: The Chest of Everlasting Sorrow

There are pressure plates located on the staircases around the central chamber, and four torches to light. Light the torches, then sprint to step on all of the pressure plates quickly.

If you are fast enough that will open a door on the second level. The journal is atop a barrel to the right, once you enter this room. 

Shrine of Ancient Tears Journal 4: Fate of the Silver Blade

There are eight torches that need to be to lit, spread throughout the area (four are in the central around the staircase, four are in the room with journal #5)

Once you light all of them a door opens at the base of the two staircases in the main chamber, behind a waterfall. Enter the room and look for four pillars. The journal is on the ground behind the first pillar on your right. 

Shrine of Ancient Tears Journal 3: Return of the Silver Blade

Head back towards the entrance from the previous journal. Rather than moving back to the main chamber, turn when you reach an intersection. A pair of hallways extend in each direction, and form a square around the entire shrine.

Look for an area marked with a butterfly painting. Light three torches, then quickly locate and pull three levers. This opens the door to an area marked with Turtle paintings.

This area uses the same torch/lever mechanic. The journal is located is a small area past a lever, near a torch.  

Congratulations on another successful voyage. Finding these, and all the other journals, is the key to the Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom commendation, which allows you to buy a special voyage from Larinna.

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Published Oct. 7th 2021

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