Watch 9 minutes of 'Unravel' gameplay

Check out a new 9 minute gameplay trailer for EA's new visual delight, Unravel.

In an industry of fancy over-the-top trailers that sugar coat the experience of the game they're revealing, it's a nice breath of fresh to have something a little more straightforward to shed really some light on a game.

EA has done that with their latest upcoming puzzle platformer, Unravel. The beautifully simplistic title follows the adventures of a creature made entirely of yarn as he uses his unique form to make his way through a larger-than-life world in Northern Scandinavia.

Yarny (yes, that's his name) is featured in a new 9-minute gameplay trailer that highlights a light background soundtrack and Yarny showing off some of his skills through various environments. Not only are the life-like graphics incredibly detailed, but the gameplay has everything a good puzzle should have: versatility, difficulty, and variance.

The gameplay trailer, courtesy of IGN, is a great little surprise, seeing as Unravel has yet to unveil a solid release window. Once it does release, fans will be able to download it on PC through Origin and also on PlayStation 4


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Published Nov. 24th 2015
  • Kif Intil
    Not the most difficult of games but it's such a great concept and extremely fun to play that its definitely worth the purchase.

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