A Brief Review of The Making of Borderlands

Witness a small, behind the scenes documentary on the making of Borderlands. Who knew suicide bombers were so chicken?

I like watching behind the scenes documentaries of my favorite movies, from watching all the appendices from the extended editions of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy to seeing how they brought my favorite Star Trek characters back to the big screen. So when I first came across the title of this video for the making of Borderlands I was intrigued. This video was NOT what I thought it was however. It was much better.

Those of us familiar with the Borderlands universe, the antics of CL4P-TP amaze and amuse us through most all of the series' two games. From trying to help you in your battle against Handsome Jack, to trying to take over the world with a Robolution, CL4P-TP serves as both your guide and comic relief. Who knew that he was also the creative force behind the game?

The video has been created using the in game graphics and assets. I am a fan of the cell shaded technique that the series is know for. I know not everyone likes this particular rendering method but I think it gives the game a unique look and charm. It looks sort of like an anime version of Mad Max.

Tasty like the ice cream but difficult to drive on.

All of CL4P-TP's trademark humor and with is here and intact. I have heard several people refer to him as the Borderlands version of Jar Jar Binks. That is both good and bad. You can see him in the hilarious, "there to lighten the mood" way that I do or in the "he is stupid, annoying, and he is the reason the Emperor came to power" way that others see him. In this way I feel that the script and dialogue is brilliant especially CL4T-TP's little back and forth with his actor about flip-flops.

To this day I still watch this video and laugh. Even though I have seen it over a dozen times, CL4P-TP still brings a smile to my face when he presents his "final solution" for dealing with his temperamental suicide bomber.

So if you are a fan of Borderlands, CL4T-TP or behind the scenes videos, give this "Making of" video a watch. You won't be disappointed, UPRIGHTS!!

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Published Jun. 5th 2014
  • Venisia Gonzalez
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    This is my all-time fav video. I LOVE CLAPTRAP!!!

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