Dragon Slayer Awards Nominee: Massive Chalice

The creators of Brutal Legend create a strategy fantasy game that's nominated for Dragon Slayer's Notable Kickstarter of the Year. And that's the name of that tune.

The Dragon Slayer Awards are less than one month away. Have you cast your ballot?

GuildLaunch, a web hosting platform for the gaming community is hosting their 2nd Annual Dragon Slayer Awards. But, don't worry. You have until September 2nd to vote (GuildLaunch is allowing votes from this years DragonCon).

This is the only gaming awards show for gaming communities and decided by gamers themselves, not industry experts, a panel of judges or by corporate owners.

Notable Kickstarter of the Year

This year, there are nine categories to vote on. This also includes Notable Kickstarter of the Year. Since more and more independent developers are turning to crowdfunding their project, the concept has taken off.

Each year a handful of those eager concepts take hold and far exceed their creator's dreams of success. This year, the gamers have spoken and named seven projects that stood above the rest.

Nominee: Massive Chalice

The project lead is Brad Muir, who was a designer on Jack Black's awesome rock epic Brutal Legend, and creator of Iron Brigade, Double Fine's tower defense shooter. This time, he and the Double Fine crew have created a replayable, turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting but add a hereditary concept.

Double Fine was founded in 2000 by games industry veteran Tim Schafer. His own resume includes LucasArt's classics like Full Throttle and the Monkey Island series and creative director for Double Fine's Psychonauts and Brutal Legend.

In the game, your immortal King or Queen can pass one their abilities and powers to the next generation as you fight to repel a demonic invasion of your homeland. Do you choose to retire a hero so they can begin siring the next generation or fight to death and leave behind a relic for your descendants to add to their own powers.

At this time, there is no game play images to show, but Double Fine is happy to show a lot of their work in progress and conceptual art if you visit their website


This is Double Fine's second Kickstarter project. Double Fine's Adventure launched last year was also successful. 

The project just recently wrapped on June 27th. 

The original goal was $725,000 but they blew past that and received $1.2 million in pledges. Curiously, there were no stretch goals like many projects. Double Fine was simply asking for what they felt they needed to make Massive Chalice reality.

With over 30,000 backers, unique art style and successful track record, Massive Chalice has now been nominated for Notable Kickstarter of the Year.

You still have time to vote!


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Published Aug. 5th 2013

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