Kingdom Come: Deliverance Rocketeer Guide

From blacksmith's son to messenger and eventually trebuchet-builder, Kingdom Come Deliverance's Rocketeer quest will see you building a trebuchet -- after a lot of conversations and a few bugs.

Much like with the eye-rolling "A Ginger In A Pickle" quest, Kingdom Come: Deliverance keeps its tongue firmly planted in its cheek by having you become a "Rocketeer" (of sorts), which in this case means flinging giant rocks at high speeds toward a castle.

To complete the Rocketeer quest, you need to convince an engineer to leave his current employer to help your army construct a siege weapon, and -- surprise, surprise -- it's all kinds of buggy.

Below we cover the fastest, least bugged path to complete the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Rocketeer quest.

Starting The Rocketeer Quest

Numerous quests can be activated and completed in the military camp area -- and the Rocketeer quest is one of them.

To start Rocketeer, talk to Sir Robard, who will tell you about the camp's grumbling soldiers and ask what you think about the master builder and the plans to construct a trebuchet. 

You can keep talking to him to activate more quests, or just leave and find the engineer, who as it turns out, is not versed in crafting war machines.

The player talks to Feyfar in the military camp about constructing the trebuchet in Kingdom Come Deliverance Talking to Feyfar about the trebuchet (thanks to Beat The Game
for the screenshot) 

After the speaking with Robar, go talk to the engineer Tobias Feyfar. You may need to get through his dialog about the silver mines first if you haven't had the conversation already, then exit the dialog screen and talk to him again to get the option "I hear you have to build a trebuchet."

Follow all the dialog options about Konrad Kyeser and Sigismund before choosing "Alright, I'll help you," which officially kicks off the Rocketeer quest.

Finishing The Rocketeer Quest

Konrad is at the Sasau Monastery, and if you talk to villagers wandering around the area, they will tell you how to reach his house.

There's a catch, though: a soldier is stationed outside his building and doesn't want to let anyone in. You can try to convince him to let you speak to Konrad by lying about a shipment of "lunar weapons," stating that you are an apprentice as well. Or you can just outright admit Tobias needs help building the trebuchet.

While it's possible to botch the two lies, the soldier will immediately let you in if you tell the truth.

A map showing Konrad's location near the monastery during the Rocketeer quest Finding Konrad near the Monastery

Head inside and go through the door on the right on the ground floor to trigger a cutscene and start a dialog with Konrad.

He doesn't want to leave due to his contract, but he offers a few suggestions on ways to get around the issue, like ensuring Karel doesn't have the wages to pay the work crews or forging a signature for new orders.

Follow the dialog prompts until you can ask how to get your hands on the commission with the Abbot's signature. Don't bother trying to convince Konrad to come with you or offer to kidnap him -- he won't go along with it.

From here, you can take either route: stealing the commission or making sure Karel runs out of money. If you are good at the dice mini-game, the second option is the easier way to go.

Just talk to Karel and ask him to play dice, then after beating him, initiate dialog and choose the option "Are you sure you won't release Konrad?" (oddly, this option is here even if you didn't previously ask Karel to release Konrad). Now choose to "donate" 500 coins to release Konrad.

The player bargains with Karel to release Konrad during the Rocketeer quest Driving a hard bargain

Return to Konrad and tell him that he can leave. Sadly, it won't be that easy, as an assassin is on the prowl and Konrad won't leave as long as his life remains in danger.

Leave the house and hang around outside where you can see the front door -- but where you can't be directly seen (there's a nearby wall great for this objective) and wait for the assassin to show up.

As with many of the quests at launch, the objective to find the assassin by waiting until midnight appears to be glitched. Wait till 11 p.m. and stand around until 1:00 a.m. If he doesn't show up by then, check the gate to see if he's walking there. If not, repeat the process of waiting till 11 p.m. again. If he still doesn't show up, it's time to re-load a previous save.

A lunar clock is shown while the player waits for the assassin in the Rocketeer quest. You are probably going to see a lot of this screen

Walk up behind Peychar, who appears to be trying to pick the lock to Konrad's house, and initiate a conversation. After hearing Peychar insist he's no assassin, say that you believe him.

Wait until morning and go talk to Konrad again and tell him nothing is wrong. Afterwards, travel back to Talmberg to see a new cutscene where the engineers discuss building the trebuchet.

After the cutscene, talk to Feyfar again and ask what he thinks of Konrad, then tell him to "mind the passwords" and then exit the conversation to complete the Rocketeer quest and see the finished trebuchet.

The finished trebuchet surrounded by tents in the military camp.  The finished trebuchet

Note that it is possible to take other paths to complete this quest in longer ways. For instance, if you don't believe Peychar and tell Konrad there is a problem, you will have to follow Peychar around the inn and eventually try to kill him, which is another segment that is frequently bugged.

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Published Feb. 20th 2018

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