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Pride of Nindo Codes

Get the latest Pride of Nindo codes and claim your free rewards!

It’s been a while since Team 7 completed their journey, and I was eager to reunite with familiar faces in Pride of Nindo. However, this Naruto-inspired idle mobile RPG would have been a whole different experience without Pride of Nindo codes.

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The farther you go in the game, the harder it gets to acquire enough resources to progress. And Pride of Nindo requires a ton of currency if you want to get anywhere. Still, with Pride of Nindo codes, you can get Gold, Silver, Tickets, and more rewards the easy way. And if you’re looking for more freebies in anime-inspired mobile games, check out our Bleach Immortal Soul codes list.

All Pride of Nindo Codes List

Pride of Nindo Codes (Working)

  • SASUKE777: x100 Basic Summon Tickets
  • Discord123: x100 Tier-Up Orb, x300 Golds, and x1 Premium Summon Ticket
  • Momoshiki: x100 Golds and x2 Premium Summon Tickets
  • Mitsuki789: x100 Golds and x10 Missions Square Refresh Tickets
  • Hokage123: x100 Tier-Up Orb, x10 Missions Square Refresh Tickets, and x100 Basic Summon Tickets
  • Chidori77: x100 Basic Summon Tickets and x100 Raffle Tickets
  • Kurama99: x100 Basic Summon Tickets
  • Chakra77: x100 Basic Summon Tickets and x100 Raffle Tickets
  • Kage999: x100 Basic Summon Tickets, x100 Tier-Up Orb, and x10 Missions Square Refresh Tickets
  • Pain222: x20k Silvers and x10 Missions Square Refresh Tickets
  • SUSANO123: x200 Golds and x10 Missions Square Refresh Tickets
  • Haku2310: x5 Premium Summon Tickets and x200 Golds
  • Ninetails999: x100 Basic Summon Tickets
  • KONOHA333: x200 Golds, x10k Silvers, and x20 Missions Square Refresh Tickets

Pride of Nindo Codes (Expired)

  • Tsunade0840: x5 Premium Summon Tickets and x200 Golds
  • BORUTO0901: x5 Premium Summon Tickets and x200 Golds
  • SASUKE0331: Free Rewards
  • Konan0223: Free Rewards
  • NINJA777: Free Rewards
  • NINJA12: Free Rewards
  • Rasa0401: Free Rewards
  • Madara135: Free Rewards
  • SUSANO123: Free Rewards
  • Chiyo2305: Free Rewards
  • Shikamaru0601: Free Rewards
  • OROCHIMARU231: Free Rewards
  • TERUMI456: Free Rewards
  • TSUNADE754: Free Rewards
  • JIRAIYA888: Free Rewards
  • Deidara0759: Free Rewards

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How to redeem codes in Pride of Nindo

Redeeming codes in Pride of Nindo (available on Google Play) is easy if you know where to look. Just follow the steps below:

How to redeem Pride of Nindo codes
Screenshot by GameSkinny
  1. Launch Pride of Nindo on your device.
  2. Click on your Avatar in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the Redeem icon.
  4. Insert your code into the Please enter the correct code text box.
  5. Press the Redeem button to claim your rewards.

How can you get more Pride of Nindo codes?

If you want to go on your own search for Pride of Nindo codes, good sources are the official Pride Of Nindo Facebook page and the developer’s YouTube channel (@VixenVirusRedeemCode). Aside from codes, you can find all sorts of announcements and updates on those socials.

However, bookmarking this article is the most convenient way to get all the latest Pride of Nindo codes in one place. We collect codes from all the official sources, so come back from time to time to see what’s new.

Why are my Pride of Nindo codes not working?

You’ll need to be level 10 to access the Pride of Nindo codes redemption feature. The initial levels fly by fast, even when the game’s idling in the background, so it shouldn’t take too long. If you get a Collect failed pop-up message, double-check your spelling for potential typos first. When you manually enter your Pride of Nindo codes in the game, you have to input them precisely as they look on our list.

If your spelling and capitalization seem fine, but you’re still failing to claim those rewards, it could be possible that your code isn’t working anymore. This happens when the developers don’t specify precise expiration dates, which is often the case with Pride of Nindo codes. You can always let us know so we can test specific codes and update our lists accordingly.

Other ways to get free rewards in Pride of Nindo

Have you redeemed all of the Pride of Nindo codes and still need more resources? Like most idle games, you earn in-game currencies passively as your ninjas battle for you. Since the game gets progressively more challenging as you go, it’s best to utilize all the ways to earn Gold and Summon Tickets. Press the List icon at the bottom right to access the To Do menu. Try solving as many Weekly tasks as possible to earn extra Silver, Sage Stones, and Raffle Tickets.

Fight against other players in the Arena, complete stages in Ninja Tower, and earn tons of materials, Relics Gems, and EXP by solving the Trials in the Test tab. Remember to claim your Login rewards and spin the Lucky Wheel to win extra goodies.

What is Pride of Nindo?

Pride of Nindo is an idle mobile turn-based battler based on the popular anime and manga Naruto. Your job is to build a team of all the familiar Ninjas, tier them up, and send them on an adventure across the Shinobi World. Let them battle and collect Gold, equipable items, and materials to help your favorite characters unlock their full potential. Summon the best line-up of Ninjas and help Naruto become the Hokage if you believe it!

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