Reverse 1999 Codes

Redeem Reverse 1999 codes for characters and items with this list of active and inactive vouchers.

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As a gacha game, Reverse 1999 has a plethora of characters and items to collect to help you through the story. Although you could spend your hard-earned cash to get them, why not use free codes instead? Here are all of the redeemable codes currently available.

All Reverse 1999 Codes List

Reverse 1999 Codes (Working)

  • 5YRBRF9
  • 1999GIFT

Reverse 1999 Codes (Expired)

  • There are no expired codes

There are currently no expired codes for Reverse 1999 as of the writing of this post. So, any codes you see, you’ll be able to redeem.

How to Redeem Reverse 1999 Codes

You can redeem these codes using the following steps

  • Open the main menu.
  • Select the “circle” options button.
  • Select Settings.
  • Press “Go” under Exchange Code.
  • Enter the code and press “Confirm.”

How to Fix Reverse 1999 Codes Not Working

If your code for Reverse 1999 doesn’t work, ensure everything is spelled correctly. If you copy and paste it, make sure there are no spaces in the front or back of the code. Also, make sure that the capitalization is correct.

If you made sure everything is correct, the code may be expired if you still can’t redeem it. Some codes are only available for a certain amount of time so make sure it’s still active. It’s also possible that you already redeemed the code, they can only be used once.

Those are all the currently active codes for Reverse 1999. If you’re looking for more tips and guides, check out our dedicated guides hub, where you’ll find articles on best team lineups and more.

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