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10 Canon WoW Romances You Probably Forgot About

Here are ten times love was in the air in World of Warcraft!

Romance is far from the focal point of World of Warcraft’s plotlines and usually receives nothing more than a mention. However, that doesn’t mean that various couples don’t pop up throughout the games — or in supplementary novels or other forms of additional content. Here are 10 canon WoW romances you probably forgot about.

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WoW: 10 Canon Romances You Might Not Remember

10. Tyrande and Malfurion

World of Warcraft Malfurion and Tyrande in Bel'Ameth
Image via Blizzard

Of all the romances in-game, Tyrande and Malfurion might be the most memorable, if only because it’s part of the main questlines in Legion. While it’s clear they care for each other, both Tyrande and Malfurion occupy important roles. As a result, they often focus more on their duties than their romance. However, that’s probably good news for both the Night Elves and Druids.

9. Vereesa and Rhonin

Of the Windrunner sisters, Vereesa likely gets overlooked the most. And a large part of that is because she doesn’t have a large role in-game. She appears in Dalaran in Northrend with Rhonin, but her husband later dies to save Jaina. Of all the romances — and especially among her sisters — Vereesa might have the happiest ending, even if that means being a widow.

8. Thrall and Aggra

Because Thrall stepped down from being the Warchief and took on a smaller role, he isn’t seen as often. Even when he is, it’s usually for his abilities as a Shaman rather than his family and home life. Because of that, it’s easy to forget that he has a wife and kids.

7. Lor’themar and Thalyssra

The development of Lor’themar and Thalyssra’s relationship is easy to miss, especially since there are wars going on at the same time. However, these characters are now officially married in WoW lore. Considering Lor’themar’s help toward the Nightborne and the shared distaste their races have toward the Night Elves, it’s not that surprising that these two hit it off.

6. Jaina and Kalecgos

Jaina has a couple of relationships throughout WoW’s lore, and one of them involved Kalecgos. However, neither of those relationships lasts. With Kalecgos, the breaking point came when he voted with the Kirin Tor’s council to allow Horde Mages to join after Jaina kicked them out in retaliation for Garrosh’s actions. Feeling betrayed, Jaina leaves the Kirin Tor and Kalecgos.

5. Ilanya and Driana

Ilanya and Driana have a rather sad story, having been in Azsuna when it collapsed. While Ilanya remains there as a ghost 10,000 years later, her lover, Driana, isn’t there with her. Instead, Driana is a vengeful spirit, having followed Azshara in life, turning into a demon, and then dying as a result of her choices. However, completing specific quests leads to her redemption, at which point she’s finally reunited with Ilanya in death.

4. Durotan and Draka

Like many other characters in relationships, Durotan and Draka fulfill roles that take priority over their love. These two are the parents of Thrall, but at the present point of the WoW timeline, Durotan is dead and buried. And while Draka is also dead, she can be found in Maldraxxus as the Margrave of the House of the Chosen.

3. Jaina and Arthas

Before Kalecgos, Jaina dated Arthas. However, this relationship was much shorter, and not because Arthas became the Lich King. Instead, he started having second thoughts about him and Jaina being suitable for each other. As a result, he ended their relationship shortly after it started, letting her go to Dalaran and continue her magical studies without his interference.

2. Sylvanas and Nathanos

It’s obvious that Nathanos is loyal to Sylvanas, but it’s easy to miss that these two are also lovers. A lot of their actions were terrible, and they won’t be receiving forgiveness from a lot of people because of it. However, they had each other throughout those ordeals, so that’s kind of beautiful in its own way.

1. Alleria and Turalyon

Alleria and Turalyon ended up being separated for a long time due to the circumstances they had to face. However, it seems like Alleria is going to play an important role in the next expansion because she’s a Void Elf. As such, this romance might be mentioned more in upcoming content, even if it’s forgettable at the moment —especially if you don’t visit Argus or read the official short stories and novels.

Those are 10 canon WoW romances you probably forgot about, but at least one of them is likely to come up in the next expansion again. While romance isn’t a big theme in the game, it can be used to make characters feel more fleshed out. If you’re looking for more content, check out our WoW guide hub as you wait for The War Within.

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