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All Canon League of Legends Romances, According to Character Lore

Romance blooms in Runeterra with these couples!

Relationships and politics in the League of Legends universe are complicated, to say the least. They become harder to navigate when you start looking at potential but unconfirmed romances. However, we know some romances exist with certainty. Here are all canon League of Legends romances, according to character lore.

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All Canon LoL Romances

Ashe and Tryndamere

Both from Freljord, Ashe and Tryndamere married for political purposes. While they had mutual respect for each other, it seems like they fell in love over the years. Freljord’s a harsh place, both politically and in terms of climate, so building trust and companionship through marriage and mutual interests ended up being enough to form a genuine relationship between them.

Garen and Katarina

Legends of Runeterra confirms that Garen and Katarina are in a secret relationship. Considering they come from regions that are hostile toward each other, an open relationship isn’t an option. However, they aren’t great at hiding this, and even before it was official, LoL lore heavily implied that these two at least had feelings for each other, which made it no surprise that they started dating.

Illaoi and Gangplank (Formerly)

They aren’t a couple now, but Illaoi and Gangplank used to be romantically involved. Illaoi made the choice to leave Gangplank once she was chosen as Nagakabouros’ Truth Bearer. Even though circumstances made their relationship come to an end, Illaoi will always be Gangplank’s first love.

Leona and Diana

Although Leona and Diana are generally enemies, they’re able to put aside their differences and work together if they have a common enemy. This ship was suspected by some players given the background stories, but it would end up confirmed when Leona and Diana admitted to having feelings for each other in the “Rise with Me” short story.

Senna and Lucian

Lucian was released first, and his story revolved around hunting Thresh. This grudge is the result of Thresh capturing Senna in his lantern, but Senna would later be added as a new champion, freed from captivity. Since it was part of his story, this couple was canon before Senna ever appeared.

Vi and Caitlyn (Arcane)

This couple isn’t official, but Arcane hints at Vi and Caitlyn at least having romantic feelings for each other. At this point, it’s assumed that they’ll end up being a canon couple in the future. However, it’s possible that this will only be shown through Arcane and then perhaps announced as being canon by Riot. As seen with Leona and Diana, it wouldn’t be the first LGBTQ+ relationship in the LoL universe. Between that and the already popular belief they’re a couple, there’s no reason not to confirm it as canon if Riot plans to pair them up.

Xayah and Rakan

These two are designed around being a couple to the point that it’s part of their gameplay mechanics. Xayah and Rakan buff each other when they’re on the same team, and their interactions reinforce their relationship. As Vastaya, Xayah and Rakan wander around Ionia together, trying to preserve its magic from being controlled by humans. While Rakan wants to marry Xayah, her response is always to ask her again tomorrow. Not because she doesn’t want to be married but because she wants him to propose to her every day.

This wraps up all canon League of Legends romances according to character lore right now. However, it’s possible that more couples will be made canon in the future, with Vi and Caitlyn being the most likely right now. From here, check out more content, like the best Dragon Age romances that unlock hidden lore.

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