Romance event in Olympia Soiree otome game.

What Otome Game You Should Play Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Look to the stars for your next big romance — that, or the App Store.

Otome games are visual novels centered around romance and intrigue, which are targeted primarily toward female audiences. Known for their spellbinding narratives, these games feature original soundtracks, impressive worldbuilding, and of course, different routes to falling in love.

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If you’re looking for a new otome title to play, you might just find the perfect match by using your zodiac sign! Keep in mind that otome games often deal with mature themes, so play at your own discretion. 

Aries – Dangerous Fellows

Love interest characters in Dangerous Fellows zombie survival otome game.
Screenshot via Steam

In Dangerous Fellows, you’ll have to team up with five potential love interests to survive zombie hordes in a post-apocalyptic world — perfect for daring, action-oriented Aries. You’ll have to fight to prove why you belong in the group, dress your heroine in new outfits as you advance through the story, and eventually uncover secrets even more dangerous than the undead. 

Dangerous Fellows is free to play on Android, iOS, and Steam. 

Taurus – Café Enchanté

Misyr Rex event image from otome game Cafe Enchante.
Image via Nintendo

Café Enchanté sees you inheriting your grandfather’s cafe, which turns out to be a meeting place for all kinds of otherworldly beings. Don’t be fooled by its sweet exterior, though. Café Enchanté’s wholesome story begins to give way to a surprising amount of angst as love interests share their backstories and deep-seated fears with you. 

Café Enchanté is available on Nintendo Switch for $49.99. 

Gemini – Mystic Messenger

Promo art of main characters in Mystic Messenger.
Screenshot via CheritzTeam YouTube

One of the most recognizable titles in the otome genre, Mystic Messenger has captivated players since its 2016 release. This game has a deep wealth of lore that you can only discover by chatting with the characters through real-time text messages and phone call events, so it feels like they never really leave your side — for better or for worse. 

Mystic Messenger is free-to-play on Android and iOS devices. 

Cancer – The Arcana

Love interest characters in mobile game The Arcana.
Screenshot via The Arcana Game YouTube

The Arcana is an otome-inspired, free-to-play mobile game that has garnered lots of attention due to its beautiful artwork and freedom of gender expression. Whimsical and charming, The Arcana allows you to romance any character of your choosing as you collect clues to unravel the mystery behind a ritual gone wrong.

The Arcana is free-to-play on Android and iOS devices.

Leo – Radiant Tale

Promotional art for otome game Radiant Tale.
Image via Nintendo

Fun-loving Leo will enjoy the premise of Radiant Tale, in which the heroine is recruited by a performance troupe named CIRCUS as their new producer. Your goal is to help the members of CIRCUS put on enthralling shows, working alongside (and perhaps even falling in love with) characters like a tsundere clown, a cheerful dragon, and more.

Radiant Tale is available on Nintendo Switch for $49.99.

Virgo – Olympia Soiree

Promotional art for otome game Olympia Soiree.
Image via Nintendo

Virgo, the sign of the maiden, may feel an especially deep pull to the heroine of Olympia Soiree. Olympia is the last of her clan and is the only one who can perform a ritual needed to restore light to a darkness-enshrouded land. As Olympia, you’ll emerge from your isolation to travel between the districts and find that special someone who can help you save the world.

Olympia Soiree is available on Nintendo Switch for $49.99.

Libra – Steam Prison

Promo art for otome game Steam Prison.
Image via Nintendo

The world of Steam Prison is divided into two factions: the rulers and the ruled. Born and raised in the utopian Heights, our heroine’s quest for justice takes her to The Depths, where she must challenge her preconceived notions of what is right and wrong. You’ll uncover the truth alongside a cast of romanceable characters with their own secrets.

Steam Prison is available for play on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PlayStation Vita.

Scorpio – Collar X Malice

Promo art for otome game Collar X Malice.
Image via Nintendo

One of the more mature titles on this list, Collar X Malice is a violent, gripping narrative in which death lurks around every corner — even around your neck. You play as a police officer heroine who, after being kidnapped and blackmailed by a terrorist group called “Adonis,” is forced to investigate dangerous cases on their behalf. If our heroine refuses, the poisonous collar on her neck will end her life. This one’s thrilling!

Collar X Malice is available on Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and PlayStation Vita.

Sagittarius – Obey Me!

Screenshot from Obey Me! otome game-turned-anime.
Screenshot via Shall We Date? YouTube

Obey Me! puts a playful spin on the idea of the Underworld. As a gender-neutral self-insert, you have been sent to the Devildom to attend school alongside a family of demon brothers, and each of these characters gets plenty of opportunities to shine throughout the narrative. Including text messages, phone calls, and even Devilgram (the game’s version of Instagram), Obey Me! also features fun mini-games that help drive the story along.

Obey Me! is free to play on Android and iOS devices.

Capricorn – Tears of Themis

Promo art for otome game Tears of Themis.
Screenshot via Tears of Themis YouTube

Developed by HoYoverse, Tears of Themis brings to the otome genre the same level of stylishness found in major titles like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. Along with romancing four potential love interests, your work as a new law attorney will have you gathering evidence at crime scenes, conducting interrogations, and even settling cases in a series of court trials.

Tears of Themis is free-to-play on Android and iOS devices.

Aquarius – Hatoful Boyfriend

Screenshot from otome game Hatoful Boyfriend main menu.
Screenshot via Steam

Aquarius loves the new and unusual, and Hatoful Boyfriend is certainly… that. At first glance, this game seems like nothing more than a lighthearted parody of the otome genre. Once you begin playing through the romance routes, however, you’ll uncover the incredible amount of lore hiding behind its silly appearance and see just how dark dating a bird can be.

Hatoful Boyfriend is available on Android, iOS, Steam, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

Pisces – Blood in Roses

Title screen for mobile otome game Blood in Roses.
Screenshot via Shall We Date? YouTube

The fairytale-like nature of Blood in Roses suits dark and dreamy Pisces. In this Shall We Date? title, there are two alternate universe versions of the heroine you can play as depending on the season you choose (Witch and Hunter). Throughout your quest to find the mysterious Rose Garden, you’ll forge relationships with supernatural beings like vampires, shapeshifters, wizards, and more.

Blood in Roses is free-to-play on Android and iOS devices.

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