Lucanis the Mage Killer is introduced in the official Dragon Age: The Veilguard trailer.
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Dragon Age Fans Are Already Thirsting Over the Mage Killer

A companion to "crow" over, you might say.

After a decade-long wait, a new game trailer confirms Dragon Age: The Veilguard‘s release in Fall 2024 and introduces us to seven companions, each of whom is likely to represent an important faction either in Thedas or a neighboring realm. Emphasizing the importance of these bonds, Creative Director John Epler stated that The Veilguard will feature “some of the deepest companion storylines in Dragon Age history” and continue to navigate themes of romance, loss, and choices that affect the future of the Veilguard.

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Official promo art of Dragon Age: The Veilguard and new characters.
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The roster of new companions includes:

  • Harding, the Scout
  • Neve, the Detective
  • Lucanis, the Mage Killer
  • Bellara, the Veil Jumper
  • Emmrich, the Necromancer
  • Davrin, the Warden
  • Taash, the Dragon Hunter

Lucanis, in particular, drew instant attention with his bold Mage Killer title — his poised appearance, as well as his role as an Antivan Crow assassin, are also likely contributors to his instant popularity. X user @SitoriC announced, “i’m gonna be a mage and will romance him,” with many agreeing in the comments and hoping for an opportunity to orchestrate an enemies-to-lovers relationship in-game.

Is Mr. ‘Tall, Dark, and Anti-Mage’ Romanceable to All?

Although there is still no official confirmation on exact romance routes, General Manager Gary McKay informed IGN during a recent interview that players will be able to “romance the companions [they] want.” While this could simply mean that each companion has their own specific romance requirements, many fans have taken this as a sign that The Veilguard will allow the protagonist to pursue a romance with any companion regardless of gender and sexuality — a feature that only Dragon Age 2 has boasted so far in the series. Whether anyone can romance Lucanis in their first playthrough remains to be seen.

Magic and Tension: Past Dragon Age Romances

Cullen from Dragon Age Inquisition posing
Image via EA

Lucanis isn’t the first anti-mage companion to be wooed by a magic-wielding protagonist. Both Fenris in Dragon Age 2 as well as Cullen in Dragon Age: Inquisition (with additional appearances throughout the series) have been subjected to horrific torment at the hands of mages and magisters. Dragon Age 2‘s Hawke can pursue a romance with Fenris even as rivals, though their relationship is initially strained by Fenris’ recent past as a Tevinter slave. Meanwhile, Cullen’s route focuses more on the aftermath of trauma and how to move forward, concluding his character arc through the first three Dragon Age titles.

What makes Lucanis stack up against these other biased and beloved characters remains to be explored, but fans are hoping for a spicier dynamic this time. We’re eager to see what each companion has to offer when Dragon Age: The Veilguard releases next season.

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