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Fields of Mistria Marriage Candidates Are Certified Swoon-worthy

Meet the hot NPCs in your area!

After months of anticipation, we’ve finally had a chance to meet 10 of the marriage candidates set to appear in NPC Studio’s Fields of Mistria. Until June 17, 2024, you can get your hands on the game’s Steam Next Fest demo and get started on your first three in-game days at your new farmstead. While time is limited, there’s been no shortage of love for the ’90s anime-inspired bachelors and bachelorettes of Mistria. It’s tough to choose favorites from such a stellar lineup. However, players are already placing their bets on a few standouts — and hoping for a chance to woo one non-romanceable NPC.

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Ahead of the game’s early access launch this August, it looks like March, Hayden, and Juniper are stealing hearts left and right. Each of the town’s singles has would-be suitors practically lining up, and it’s great to see Mistria’s more mature marriage candidates, Hayden and Valen, receive so much recognition early on. I won’t lie, though; I’m feeling pretty vindicated in my decision to get on March’s good side. This guy is just so mean I have to laugh.

Apart from the romance options revealed so far, players across the board have also set their sights on one character who’s (unfortunately) not romanceable: Olric. The other half of the blacksmith duo is a wholesome, straight-laced local who’s always ready to translate March’s jabs into kinder terms. Hopefully, NPC Studio will see the fandom’s positive response to the character and take the hint to change his relationship status in a future update.

Fields of Mistria Features Plenty of Charming Singles

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Fields of Mistria is currently home to 10 bachelors and bachelorettes, plus over 30 townies to mingle with, nearing its summer launch. NPC Studio plans to introduce two more singles down the line, who players are speculating may boast magical abilities in line with the game’s plot. In the meantime, you can meet the following marriage candidates in the limited-time Steam Next Fest demo:

  • Adeline — a hardworking sweetheart who loves tulips.
  • Eiland — a princely archaeology buff with a D&D campaign.
  • Balor — a flirtatious and well-traveled merchant.
  • Celine — the flowery face of Mistria.
  • Hayden — a neighborly farmer who introduces himself on horseback.
  • Reina — the Sleeping Dragon’s vibrant and warm-hearted chef.
  • Valen — a seasoned doctor (and an awesome enby romance option).
  • March — the hot-headed blacksmith.
  • Juniper — the sassy bathhouse owner who’s giving major Nehelenia vibes.
  • Ryis — Mistria’s bright-eyed new carpenter.

Fields of Mistria is set to heat up this summer when the rosy farming sim launches into early access in August. If you’ve got your eye on someone special, be sure to try out the demo before it ends next week.

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