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Mass Effect: Best Missing Scene Romance FanFiction

These missing scene fanfictions are perfect for Mass Effect fans craving more of their favorite characters.

Mass Effect fans are familiar with missing scenes in the games. These are parts of the trilogy where things fade to black or storylines are not fleshed out enough. Creative fans take these frustrations and turn them into works of fanfiction. These are some top missing scene fanfiction works that tackle the lore of BioWare’s Mass Effect universe.

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Fire on the Horizon

Fire on the Horizon starts after Mass Effect 2 ends and just before the events of Mass Effect 3 begin. Author Thalianix uses the dialogue from the game to build and create the missing scenes and discussions fans craved. This romance builds background character development through flashbacks and hidden conversations that make Garrus and Shepard more vivid to the readers. Fire on the Horizon is the sequel to Sparks in the Sky, also by Thalianix. By reading both stories in order, you can follow the beloved romance through Mass Effect 2 and 3

For Such Loss, Abundant Recompense

For Such Loss, Abundant Recompense focuses on the missing scenes of Thane Krios and Jane Shepard. The romance between Thane and Shepard is a heartbreaking one spanning over two games in the series. Thane Krios, who is dying from a disease similar to human cancer, is one of the more beloved ships in the fandom. 

This work, by Kalenel, builds up the romance between the characters without contributing a love-at-first-meeting feel. The missing scenes build on mutual respect that grows into a romance slowly and naturally, with creative dialogue and emotionally driven conversations.

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Liara T’soni has been a facet of the games since the first Mass Effect. She is one of the original teammates and is intricate to the storyline regardless of a romance choice. She also plays a key role in how Shepard became part of the Lazarus project. Memoirs is a series of fanfiction by fan author Sharrukin. Sharrukin offers readers a story from the view of Liara and her role in the game. Missing conversations and behind-the-scenes events drive the story. Readers should note that the romance focuses on Liara T’soni and a male Shepard. 

Something Blue

Something Blue by Hamhammer is a female Shepard and Liara T’soni fanfiction taking place across all three games in the series. This particular fanfiction gives the readers something that others in the fandom do not. In place of the traditional paragon or neutral Shepards, you will find a total renegade female Shepard. In the games, renegade dialogue can be vastly different from paragon or neutral. Hamhammer uses that to their advantage, giving the reader a different tone than other fanfictions in the genre. 

New Friends

Missing scenes do not always deal with the current game timeline. Sometimes, the most sought-after missing scenes are the ones that offer origin stories. New Friends by Mister Buch offers that story. An Earthborn Shepard has their story told from viewpoints of life as a thief, living on the streets, and dealing with the underbelly of the world that builds Shepard into the Commander we find in Mass Effect. This fanfiction ranks high on many fan recommendation lists as a must-read for fans of the Earthborn Shepard background to offer origin story insights into the character. 

BioWare has released a small amount of information regarding Mass Effect 5. We know that canon relationships, missing scenes, and the possibility of flashbacks are probable for the final development stages. This information makes revisiting your favorite romances and the game itself worth considering.

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