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The Most Heartbreaking Romances in The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda romances that couldn't have a happy ending.

Although Link’s quest to save Hyrule often takes center stage in The Legend of Zelda games, there are emotional moments that keep you connected to the characters and their stories. And some of those moments come from tragic love stories. These are the most heartbreaking romances in The Legend of Zelda.

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Heart-Shattering Romances in Legend of Zelda

Link and Midna

Naturally, Link and Midna grow close during Twilight Princess. With Ganondorf and Zant working together, Link and Midna rely on each other to save both of their realms. However, you don’t realize how much their relationship grows until you hit the end of the game. Specifically when it’s time for Midna to return to the Twilight Realm. Although Link looks unwilling to say goodbye, he understands — perhaps better than most — that their individual roles will always find a way to keep them apart.

Link and Saria

In Ocarina of Time, Saria fulfills the childhood sweetheart role. However, it wouldn’t be possible for Link and Saria to ever have an actual relationship — and Saria probably realizes that long before Link does. Link doesn’t belong in Kokiri Forest. He’s a Hylian who’s only been able to stay there thanks to the protection of the Great Deku Tree. There’s also the fact that Saria is the Forest Sage, which binds her to the Forest Temple and Sacred Realm. As a result of their childhood friendship that might’ve implied deeper feelings, Link’s farewell with Saria and reunion with her when she becomes a sage are both emotional.

Anju and Kafei

In Majora’s Mask, Anju and Kafei can end up together. However, their romance is full of harsh moments that stem from the world they live in. Anju and Kafei are supposed to meet up in Clocktown, but Kafei has gone missing because he was turned into a child and too embarrassed to face Anju. With Link’s help, the two reunite and Anju is relieved to see Kafei is alive, having been worried about him. Although, there doesn’t seem to be a clear solution for returning Kafei to his normal form.

Their relationship can be tragic depending on Link’s actions. If he doesn’t give Anju the pendant, she leaves town with her family, hoping to escape before the moon crashes down. Even if Link later helps Kafei, he doesn’t get the chance to propose to Anju because she’s already gone. With the potential to have a bittersweet ending or a sad one, Anju and Kafei’s romance fits the description of heartbreaking.

Lulu and Mikau

Another romance from Majora’s Mask, the best ending for this couple is bittersweet. Lulu, the singer of a Zora band, laid eggs and lost her voice. Before she had the chance to take the eggs to get checked out, they were stolen by pirates, which put her in a catatonic state. With the information given by the game, it’s heavily hinted that Mikau, the band’s guitarist, is the father.

Mikau finds out about the stolen eggs, and he tries to recover them. However, he fails and ends up mortally wounded, unable to be saved by the time Link finds him. He asks Link to help Lulu recover her voice as his final wish. Then, he seals his soul in the Zora Mask, which lets Link turn into him. While Link is able to fulfill Mikau’s final wish, Lulu, their children, and the band have to continue living without him.

Link and Mipha

You learn about Mipha through memories in Breath of the Wild and see her love for Link. There’s even a set of armor with text that hints at Link being her fiance, although it’s not clear if that was a position he accepted or if the armor was meant for a proposal, like a ring. Plus, the Japanese version of the Adventure Log confirms that Link saw Mipha as a loved one as well, which might imply that these romantic feelings between them were mutual.

However, by the time Breath of the Wild starts, Mipha has been dead for decades. As a result, learning about her and the moments she shared with Link always feel somber at best. The real heartbreaking truth for this romance is that any future possibilities were taken away by Calamity Ganon.

These are the most heartbreaking romances in The Legend of Zelda, even if some of them never had the chance to fully bloom. On the bright side, there’s usually hope that Link and Zelda might find romance together at the end of the games. For another romantic piece, check out how fanfiction is influencing BG3 and other gaming franchises.

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