Focus Interactive is hosting the 2016 world cup finals on Twitch.

Blood Bowl 2’s World Cup Grand Final is live now.

Focus Interactive is hosting the 2016 world cup finals on Twitch.

Blood Bowl 2, Focus Interactive’s game that puts actual fantasy in fantasy football, is hosting a stream of their 2016 World Cup final right now. The final is the result of 50 matches between pro players in their Steam group community, and has culminated between players Mallak and Guinness.

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The stream is being cast by Crendor of the Cox N’ Crendor podcast and cKnoor who runs the largest Blood Bowl Steam group out there. 

This tournament is not without its prizes. Being sponsored by companies Republic of Gamers and ASUS, the winners have a large amount of rewards awaiting them: including computer equipment, licensed Games Workshop products, gaming PC’s, and a $10,000 prize pool.

For the grand prize winner, they will be receiving an exclusive Blood Bowl 2 branded gaming PC and monitor, as well as multiple games and accessories.

The final match is taking place between the Skaven, a race of vicious rat-men and the Lizardmen, who are exactly what they sound like.

In celebration of the World Cup, Focus Interactive has a sale going on, with Blood Bowl 2 being sold at 60% off on Steam, and the former game Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition being sold at 75% off with all DLC included.

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