Sea of Thieves – Play It First Contest!

Rare Ltd. is offering pirate players first shot at trying out their new sea-faring MMO,
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The mates at Rare Ltd. (makers of classic games like Banjo Kazooie, GoldenEye 007, and Donkey Kong Country) teased their upcoming pirate MMO game last June at E3. The Xbox One/Windows 10 title caused a stir with its colorful graphics, open sea-faring world, and gameplay potential.

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Now, those scurvy dogs are offerin’ to pick a select crew of buccaneers to jump aboard and set sail as the first player pirates!

And one a’ them lubbers could be you. How?

Soul of a Poet

Show the captains at Rare just how much of a video game pirate you can be. And by game pirate, I’m not meaning stealing video games. You can post a picture or a video of yourself expressing your inner pirate and let them be the judges.

They’re looking for the most creative entries. Don a costume, strap on a cutlass, head out to sea, release the Kraken, sing a shanty, etc. etc.

“We want fans to be at the center of everything we do with Sea of Thieves!”

The intent is to get folks involved and to show they (Rare) wants to build ‘strong relationships with their fans and players’. Fan feedback is something Rare says they deem critically important.

Not sure how to do that? Well, fear not. Some entries can already be seen at the Sea of Thieves website. Perhaps, they will inspire your cutthroat creativity.

Check Out the Booty!

It may not be pieces of eight, but Rare will shower 6 Grand Prize winners with a nice haul.

  • Round trip airfare to England
  • Transportation between the airport, hotel, and studio
  • Three (3) nights hotel stay
  • Daily Meals
  • A tour of the Rare Ltd. Studio

And finally the singular prize is being one of the first players to get their hands on a controller and play Sea of Thieves. For all the finer print, check out the Contest Rules.

Message in a Bottle

You still have until April 26th to post your contest entry to:

  • Twitter. Post a link to your image or video to @SeaOfThieves, include #SeaOfThievesContest in the Tweet.
  • Facebook. Post a link to your image or video on their Facebook wall, and include #SeaOfThievesContest in your post.

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