WorldGaming Network Announces Second Annual Rocket League Championship

The Rocket League WGN North American Championship kicks off online June 29.

The Rocket League WGN North American Championship kicks off online June 29.

Rocket League players gather round. The WorldGaming Network (WGN) has announced its second annual championship, the Rocket League WGN North American Championship. With $20,000 in prizes available, interested players can build their team and gear up for the online qualifiers beginning June 29. 

Teams of three players, ages 15 and up, can register now to participate. 

Online qualifier tournaments will take place between June 29 and and July 21. The best of the online qualifiers will face off in the online playoffs on July 27.

The top seven teams from the playoffs will compete at the Grand Finals taking place at FAN EXPO Canada at the Metro Toronto Convention Center on August 24 and 25. An eighth team will be selected from an open qualifier taking place at FAN EXPO Canada August 23 and 24.

The winning team will take home half of the prize pool for themselves and the title of champions. That is not all, though. The winning team will also earn a spot in the DreamHack Pro Circuit Rocket League Montreal tournament taking place between September 6-8.

With a prize pool of $100,000 and only 32 available slots, winning at FAN EXPO Canada guarantees a spot among those 32 teams. 

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