Koei Tecmo's Attack on Titan gets screenshots and an outline

Attack on Titan will be very similar to the anime, but will add a touch of originality as well.

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force announced a new Attack on Titan game two weeks ago. The game, set to release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita late 2015 in Japan and 2016 in North America and Europe, has gotten an outline and screenshots.

The game's outline includes "tactical hunting action" which allows the player to stealth along or challenge a titan without warning. "3D maneuverability and body part destruction," allows more strategy throughout the game. "Battlefield drama unfolds across vast stages" destroys the city around you and changes what happens depending upon where characters are placed in battle. "Relive the epic story with high-end graphics" integrates graphics from the anime with new graphics from the game. 

The game covers the entire story from the 2013 anime. There will be spotlights of popular characters to help increase the drama. For authenticity (yeah!), the voice actors from the anime will be returning for the game.

The screenshots show off how some of the anime characters will look in-game and how the world looks. We also get a view of the 3D maneuverability:

What about titan Eren though? How will players be able to interact with the universe and fight with him in that form? As an integral part of the story it's bound to show up in-game. It was one of the coolest parts of the anime and I would say fans deserve to know about the plans for that as well.

For all the screenshots and a full description of the outline, click here.


Published Aug. 23rd 2015

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