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Sons Of Anarchy: Redwood Original

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For those wondering -- yes, the beloved Kurt Sutter T.V. show did in fact have a video game adaptation. It got a ton of hype (Sutter's NSFW tweets on the subject indicated he was... ahem.. excited about it). But much like his one-season show The Bastard Executioner, it would ultimately be ill-fated.

A single episode of a 10 part episodic game was released... and then was promptly abandoned. Seriously Telltale, get on picking this one up already and give us a proper release!

Thankfully, most who bought the season pass ahead of time got a refund. For those who haven't played it yet, the Lost And The Damned expansion for Grand Theft Auto 4 was also essentially an episode of SOA.

There have been several graphic novel collections in the past that all absolutely nailed the personality and lingo of the various Sons characters, even covering storyline arcs like Bobby losing his cut while performing as Elvis in Vegas.

The Redwood Original arc from Boom Studios takes us back in time to an 18 year old Jax Teller first pledging to his dad's MC. The final issue of the 12-part run will drop next month, so there's time to binge the whole thing before it ends!

Published Jun. 16th 2017

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