A Sons of Anarchy Game is On the Horizon

Kurt Sutter mentions a Sons of Anarchy game is cruising towards the horizon

Kurt Sutter, the creator of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy and The Shield went on Twitter recently and made the announcement of a SOA game that will 'definitely' be coming in the near future.

What type of game you ask?

Sutter is an avid gamer and regularly tweets about his favorite games (and the garbage he picked up on a whim). Sutter has been trying to make this game for two years (2012 was 2 years ago guys). He has stated he hopes to make:

"...a great game, not some 1/2 promotional piece of shit like [Game of Thrones]..."

Beyond Sutter's own words, there appears to be no information regarding a developer or plot for the game. So anyone hoping to take a hold of Jax Teller and settle a beef with the Mayans will have to wait a while to learn more.

Thankfully, Sutter realizes the difference between a money-making scam and a enjoyable game. I have faith the resulting game will not being closer to GTA's The Lost and the Damned and not The Walking Dead's Survival Instinct. As a fan of the show, I hope the game will be as badass as the crew in Charming.


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Published Feb. 15th 2014

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