Grand Theft Auto V's New Trailer Emerges

RockStar Entertainment releases an informative video about some of the unique features to be found in Grand Theft Auto V.

Scenes of masterfully modeled landscapes, smooth textured cars, new run-and-gun mechanics, and the possibilities of what seems to be a rather large online multiplayer are all abound in GTA V's new informative trailer. 

The trailer shows off some of the beautiful California landscapes, from what looks like scenes from Yosemite to the cliffs off San Francisco's Coast, the player will have a myriad of reasons to continue to explore. With three main characters instead of one, Rockstar Entertainment seems to be pushing the idea of a meta-narrative by allowing the player to choose different perspectives and use each character in what seems to be real-time switching across the world. The best part is that it seems the characters, when out of play, continue to go about their lives in real-time. 

Grand Theft Auto V has been teased for a long time but with yet another informative release, perhaps we will soon see our hands on this promised massive title.



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Published Jul. 9th 2013
  • DemonicSkies
    I died a little inside when I heard it may not come to PC.
  • Tony Monster
    the gameplay is purely amazing, watching how well the crisp scenery flows in real time is awesome! can't wait to play this in a few more months!

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