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10 Best Co-Op Games of 2023

Need a game to play with friends? Here are the best co-op options of 2023!

2023 has been an amazing year in gaming across genres and types. Here, we’ll take a look back at the games we played with friends — or strangers — and either had a blast or ended up incredibly frustrated with each other. These are the 10 best co-op games of 2023.

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Top 10 Co-Op Games of 2023

These are games that were released in 2023, either fully or into Early Access. As such, co-op games that were released in 2022, but still played in 2023, don’t count.

10. Moving Out 2

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  • Players: Up to four players

Moving Out 2 is the sequel to Moving Out. And this time, it came with online co-op as a feature, meaning you could play with friends no matter where you all live. This game requires a lot of teamwork, and the physics doesn’t make it easy for you and your friends to move and place objects. Unlike the first game, you’ll find more challenges this time, including hindrances like teleportation and one-way doors. Like its predecessor, Moving Out 2 has plenty of charm, but that doesn’t lessen the hilarious frustration you’ll feel when trying to complete tasks with your friends.

9. Diablo 4

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  • Players: Up to four players

Diablo returns this year with its fourth installment, and it attempts to return to the style of fan-favorite Diablo 2. It might not be a perfect game, trying avoid the early mistakes of D3, but it’s a blast when you play with friends. Also, now is the perfect time to jump into Diablo 4 because it received the Midwinter Blight update. And the Abattoir of Zir has been added, which will give you and your friends no shortage of challenges since it’s a similar tier and leveling style to the Greater Rifts of D3. In the end, you might love the storyline or not, but there are still hours upon hours of content to go through with friends.

8. The Outlast Trials

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  • Players: Up to four players

The Outlast Trials entered Early Access this year, and it brings the horrors of Outlast to a co-op setting. One of the nice features is that each trial is separated into several sections. So, if you and your friends have busy lives, you could tackle the program one section at a time. This means that you always have a clear ending point that makes it easy to leave and jump back in at a later time. If you make it through the section, that is. While you’d think that an Outlast game would be easier with help from friends, it isn’t. In some instances, I’d say that it’s even more difficult with more people. But that’s part of the fun.

7. Sons of the Forest

Final Flesh Boss made of hands in Sons of the Forest
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  • Players: Up to eight players

Another game released into Early Access, Sons of the Forest is a sequel to The Forest. It takes place several years after the first game, but there’s another mysterious island to explore. And of course, it’s full of secrets and unusual enemies. With the help of friends, you can build a base and dig into the disappearance of the Puffton family. This time, you even get some NPC allies in the form of Kelvin and Virginia. Overall, the game already feels fairly polished, but it’s still receiving updates as we go through the Early Access period and head to full release. As the full release is expected to be in early 2024, now is the perfect time to explore Site 2 with your friends.

6. Party Animals

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  • Players: Up to eight players

Party Animals takes its name rather literally. You and up to seven friends play as animal characters in one of three game modes. Since this is a physics-based game, brawling isn’t exactly easy. However, that’s part of the fun. And you aren’t limited to brawling in an everyone-for-themselves-style battle. In Arcade and Team Score, you’ll work in teams to eliminate other players. I find the team-style modes more fun, but that could also be because I’m not great at fighting games, and an ally improves my chances of winning. Either way, there’s plenty of fun to be had. And the characters are adorable!

5. Dead Island 2

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  • Players: Up to three players

Somehow, Dead Island 2 managed to be released in 2023. And it was worth the wait. It embraced the campy writing style and leaned into the ridiculous ways players can fight and the strange weapons you can use. There’s even a section where an NPC livestreams you fighting a horde of zombies because that’s apparently the viral sensation in that setting. Despite the gore-filled world and concept, the game doesn’t take itself seriously. And that means this hack-and-slash adventure is a blast with friends and full of humor.

4. Baldur’s Gate 3

Bladur's gate 3 characters gathered on a dark blue background
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  • Players: Up to four players

Winning Game of the Year at The 2023 Game Awards, we can’t avoid including Baldur’s Gate 3 on the best-of lists for this year. However, it doesn’t take the top spot because, if you play co-op, you miss a lot of great banter and moments that come from the NPC companions being in your party. On the other hand, it’s like virtual D&D with friends, and the set-up of multiplayer combat can lead to friendly fire and a lot of chaos. While BG3 can be played with four players, I’d recommend having just two or three people playing so you can include an NPC and complete their companion quests while they’re present for the best narrative experience.

3. Remnant 2

Two men fighting an spiritual enemy
Image via Gunfire Games
  • Players: Up to three players

Where to start with Remnant 2. If you like Souls games, this is essentially a Souls game but with guns. And you also get to hop from world to world in a random sequence, which makes each run unique. There are a ton of ways to customize how you play, and having friends with you means you can complement each other’s archetype. Considering the game is pretty difficult, it helps to have friends with you, and hopefully, one of you is a healer type. It’s up to you to hop across worlds and stop the destruction of reality itself. While the game is fine playing solo, there’s something epic about saving reality and fighting god-like enemies with friends.

2. Super Mario Bros Wonder

Super Mario Bros Wonder Cover Art
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  • Players: Up to four players

Mario is a classic series and is home to a host of staple co-op games. This year, another game was added to that list of co-op options with Super Mario Bros Wonder. While it has the platformer style seen in Super Mario Bros Wii, this time you have the addition of Wonder Flowers to give it a unique spin. Wonder Flowers have unique abilities that change depending on the level you’re in. Super Mario Bros Wonder isn’t a revolutionary game, but its familiarity is part of what makes it fun for all ages. And that’s why it’s so high on this list. I think that anybody can enjoy it, especially if you’re a fan of Mario games overall.

1. Lethal Company

Two characters looking at the barren landscape
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  • Players: Up to four players

Lethal Company entered Early Access in 2023, and it took the gaming community by storm. Here, you’re working for a rather ruthless company in the post-apocalyptic world. You have to scavenge scrap from moons and sell it, but that’s more dangerous than you’d think, given the creatures that you can find roaming around. Also, you have the pressure of your job looming over you because if you don’t meet your quota, you die. And it’s probably not a pleasant death, considering you’re launching into space. What seems like a simple concept turns out to be full of complexity, and it’s no wonder that this game has shot to the top of Steam’s listings.

And that completes our list of the 10 best co-op games of 2023. From Early Access to full releases, this year has been stacked with games that are perfect to play with others. And if you need more suggestions, check out the 10 best board games of 2023 or the 10 coziest sim games to warm your winter.

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