13 Days OF FF13: Additional Faces Villains

A look at the main villains of the FFXIII series for day 12 of my 13 Days of FF13 series.

A look at the main villains of the FFXIII series for day 12 of my 13 Days of FF13 series.

Everybody knows that Final Fantasy games are full of enemies to defeat, but there are usually only one or two real villains. Here I’ll cover these true villains within the story.


In FFXIII the villains are Cocoon Fal’Cie. These Fal’Cie desire to end life because they’re bored.


The first is Barthandelus, he masquerades as a human in front of the masses. Barthandelus explains the true meaning of the characters’ focus, and instead of trying to stop them, actually encourages them to complete it. Barthandelus wants the L’Cie to destroy Orphan and bring an end to life and humanity.

Fighting Barthandelus:

You fight Barthandelus three times in the story, each time he is increasingly more difficult. I recommend having either Fang or Snow in your party for these fights to soak up the damage. Other than that the fights are decently simple to win. Just watch the attack patterns and you’ll be fine.

Barthandelus’ theme is in the header.


The Fal’Cie that powers Eden, Orphan is basically what keeps Cocoon running. This Fal’Cie has no interest in life, all it desires is the end. You fight Orphan twice at the end of the game. You really don’t get a lot of background story on Orphan. We do learn that Fang and Vanille failed to kill Orphan once already.

Fighting Orphan:

The full Orphan Theme for both battles.

You fight Orphan twice, with the fights only being split by cutscenes. I recommend getting the Combat Clinic Paradigm and the Tri-dissaster Paradigm for this. The first you’ll use in the first fight. You’ll depend on this Paradigm a lot so make sure you get your timing right.

Tri-dissaster is solely for the second fight. Orphan is immune to all damage until he’s staggered in the second fight. This Paradigm will allow for the fastest staggering time enabling the fight to go faster. It should be noted that the second fight has a time limit, so speed is very important.


In FFXIII-2 there is really only one main villain. It’s arguable that triple the Bahamut fight counts as fighting a main villain, but in all actuality they’re just Caius’ summons. Caius is the only real villain in the game.


Caius is trying to destroy time to prevent Yeul from constantly being reborn in the world just to die young. While to him it seems like the right thing to do, it’s not what Yeul herself would want. Caius takes it upon himself to do these things based on his own selfish desires to protect Yeul.

Fighting Caius:

Caius’ Theme, one of my favorite themes in the Final Fantasy series.

There are way too many Caius fights to really give a definitive basic strategy for fighting him. He hits hard, especially in the later fights. You’ll want Tortoise on your Paradigm Deck, and have a Sentinel monster out the majority of the fights to soak up the damage. Watch for patterns and work on your timing and you’ll be able to clear each fight easily.

Lighting Returns:

It’s unknown who will be the main villain in Lightning Returns. The only characters it shows Lightning fighting in the previews are Snow and Noel for their own reasons. You’ll just have to play the game and find out who it is.

This wraps up my look at the main villains in the FFXIII series. With the launch tomorrow I may have something special up for the final day of my 13 Days of FF13 series.

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