Looking for the best gaming mice on the market for the 2018 holiday season? From cheap, budget mice to high-mice, we've got you covered -- no matter what style or size of mouse you need.

14 Best Gaming Mice 2019 Edition: Top Wireless, Wired, And Budget Options

Looking for the best gaming mice on the market for the 2018 holiday season? From cheap, budget mice to high-mice, we've got you covered -- no matter what style or size of mouse you need.

The ability to swap out hardware for better graphics and increased speed isn't the only way that PC gaming's modular nature beats out consoles. Gaming mice typically trump even the best controllers. 

You're missing out on a whole dimension of improved gaming performance if you skimp on the peripherals — that's just a fact.

It may sound like a small, simple thing, but I guarantee that once you've used a serious gaming mouse, you won't ever go back to standard stock mice ever again.

From side buttons that help you build walls faster in Fortnite to the ability to switch DPI on the fly to slow down or speed up aiming, a high-quality gaming mouse really does give you an edge.

There's just one problem — there are hundreds of them on the market, most available at wildly different price ranges and with a huge range of features.

Don't worry, though, we've got your back. Here we've rounded up the 14 best gaming mice in 2019, sorted by price and feature, and we've also included a host of additional options to cover any sort of user, whether you're looking for something high-end or something cheap.

And if you're wondering what to look for when buying a gaming mouse, or why certain gaming mice are better for certain genres, head over to our tips for buying a gaming mouse guide to learn more. 

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Lenrue Laser Gaming Mouse

Price: $7.99-$9.99
Buy it on: Amazon

Here we start with the lowest low-budget option. But if you couldn't tell from the image above, Lenrue didn't miss out on making something truly eye-catching.

If you just want to dip your toes into what a serious gaming mouse can offer, this is a great place to start, especially if you are a claw grip gamer who likes a little bump in the back for increased palm comfort.

Like the price but don't care for the layout or color scheme? These are some other solid low-cost options that don't skimp on the aesthetics:

  • Rii Professional 7 Color Gaming Mouse
    • Price: $5.99
    • Buy it on: Amazon
  • Vosense M Professional
    • Price: $6.99
    • Buy it on: Amazon

Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse

Price: $12.99
Buy it on: Amazon

The Redragon M601 is actually fairly similar in design to the Lenrue, but it's a little less ostentatious, offering the dragon motif instead of the robotic style.

This model comes with removable weights, which is sort of crazy at this price point, letting you change the heft and feel of the mouse to better fit your gaming style.

Between the weights and the programmable buttons, you won't find a better wired mouse at this budget-friendly, cheap price point. There are a few other options available if you don't care for the design though, such as these models:

  • EasySMX V18
    • Price: $12.99
    • But it on: Amazon
  • Redragon Ergonomic 7 Button
    • Price: $16.99
    • But it on: Amazon
  • Redragon M711 Cobra
    • Price: $19.89
    • Buy it on: Amazon

Zelotes T90 Professional

Price: $14.99
Buy it on: Amazon

As an alternate to the Redragon, this Zelotes offering keeps up the sleek, angular style but in more of the iconic Logitech look. While I'm not personally a fan of the spider motif, this model isn't lacking options and has many that work well for just about any kind of gamer.

Built-in weights, an extra "fire" key, nice, comfy scroll wheel, and multiple color choices define this mouse. If you can't spend much money but want something with serious gamer aesthetic, this isn't a bad choice at all.

Piktek Wired Gaming Mouse

Price: $18.99
Buy it on: Amazon

Piktek's offering is rather sleek and minimalist compared to the previous two gaming mice, but it boasts full RGB backlighting that can be programmed to flash in seven different modes.

When paired with a backlit keyboard, you get a much stylish gaming experience -- especially when playing at night.

This is also the model where you start to get adjustable DPI settings, which is extremely helpful if you play games that require more precision in certain segments (like zooming in with a sniper scope after running and gunning).

Like the idea of this mouse but want to see what else is available? These are two comparable models worth considering:

  • Accro Xtrem RGB Gaming Mouse
    • Price: $13.99
    • Buy it on: Amazon
  • HIRALIY F300 Gaming Mouse
    • Price: $16.99
    • Buy it on: Amazon

Blade Hawks Wired Gaming Mouse

Price: $19.99
Buy it on: Amazon

The very busy design on this model is pretty ostentatious, but if you like a mouse that makes a statement, this is an input device to consider. With nine programmable buttons and plenty of RGB color options, there's lots to like here for a very affordable price.

Although you can't really tell from the picture above, the grooves on the side of the scroll wheel have a downward, rounded design that can be very comfortable if you prefer to get your whole hand gripped around the top of your mouse.

Ludos Flamma Gaming Mouse

Price: $22.90
Buy it on: Amazon

If there's one mouse from 2018 that everybody just seems to love as soon as they get their hands on it, it's this one from lesser-known peripherals company, Ludos. You get a bit of everything with this option, as it goes with the comfortable ergonomic design but still gives you all the color customization options you could want. The kicker is that there are eight customization levels for DPI sensitivity, which is kind of crazy at this price point.

The only real downsides here are that it's a right-hand only model, and the cord is particularly stiff. That takes a while to get used to, especially if you are coming from a wireless mouse with no tether.

Those issues aside, though, if you aren't sure what to choose and just want something high-end but still at a lower price, pick this model.

UtechSmart Venus MMO Gaming Mouse

Price: $29.99
Buy it on: Amazon

Are you all about extra options? This is the gaming mouse to pick if you don't want to spend $70-$120 to get a ton of additional buttons.

The main selling points here are the removable weights and the 18 (yep, 18!) programmable buttons, with a whole matrix of buttons on the left side.

Why would you need that many? This level of customization is particularly useful for MMORPG players who have tons of skills and attacks that need to be used regularly.

I promise, once you realize you can tap the button with your thumb rather than searching for a number on the keyboard, you won't want to ever go back to the old way of playing again.

The only downside is that the increased size on the back end can get a little uncomfortable during prolonged gaming sessions if you have small hands.

If you like this style with the matrix of extra buttons on the side, be sure to also check out these models (although the Razer and Scimitar are a tad more expensive):

  • Razer Naga Trinity
    • Price: $79.95
    • Buy it on: Amazon
  • Corsair Scimitar Pro
    • Price: $59.99
      Buy it on: Amazon
  • Redragon M901
    • Price: $29.99
    • Buy it on: Amazon

Logitech G502 Proteus Gaming Mouse

Price: $59.97
Buy it on: Amazon

OK, so the Proteus isn't new to 2018 by any means, but there's a reason it continues to appear on best-of lists year after year.

Simply put, the design here is sublime. You get 11 buttons but without the huge back end of many other mice, and of course, there are removable weights.

The responsiveness of the Proteus is constantly touted, and this is easily one of the best overall gaming mice experiences you can get in a wired model. 

Want something in a different design for different grip styles or hand sizes? Check out these models instead:

  • Logitech G602
    • Price: $36.17
    • Buy it on: Amazon
  • Corsair M65 Pro
    • Price: $35.95
    • Buy it on: Amazon

Logitech G305 Gaming Mouse (Wireless)

Price: $49.99
Buy it on: Amazon

This little guy looks unassuming, but let me assure you, it will do everything you need it to, especially if you don't require the flash of RGB focused models.

You get comfort, plenty of button options in a minimalist design, and best of all -- extremely responsive wireless gaming. I could gush about this one a lot, as this is my personal gaming mouse, but instead I'll just point you to my full review here.

Want a different style of wireless? Check out these options instead:

  • VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse
    • Price: $16.99
    • Buy it on: Amazon
  • Razer Mamba
    • Price: $69.00
    • Buy it on: Amazon

Logitech G Pro Hero Gaming Mouse

Price: $58.46
Buy it on: Amazon

Not all gamers trust a wireless mouse, as connections can get dropped at inopportune moments. If you are in that boat, the Logitech G Pro Hero version may be a better bet than the wireless G305.

It has the same minimalist aesthetic and comfortable hand design, but gives you an absurdly smooth and responsive experience thanks to the 16k sensor.

Want a top notch responsive mouse but don't care for Logitech? These are some great alternatives:

Corsair Scimitar Pro Gaming Mouse

Price: $59.99
Buy it on: Amazon

Corsair has -- hands down -- one of the best mice on the market with the side button design.

What sets this one apart is the key slider system, which lets you re-position the buttons on the side to fit your grip.

The side buttons also have textured grips to help you distinguish the feel of each button and ensure precision.

If you love this style of gaming mouse with the buttons on the side, be sure to also check out these models:

  • Razer Naga Trinity
    • Price: $79.95
    • Buy it on: Amazon
  • UTechSmart Venus
    • Price: $29.99
      Buy it on: Amazon
  • Redragon M901
    • Price: $29.99
    • Buy it on: Amazon

SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse

Price: $79.99
Buy it on: Amazon

With this SteelSeries gaming mouse, we're starting to get into the high end, more expensive models. But if you are serious about eSports, this is an investment worth making.

The weight balance here is perfect, and the ergonomics are entirely on point if you game for long periods of time. For FPS players in particular, this is a winner. Head over to our review of the Rival 600 to learn more. 

There are a few alternatives if this design doesn't work for you however, such as the:

Corsair Dark Core Gaming Mouse

Price: $69.99
Buy it on: Amazon

The Dark Core gaming mouse has a similar rounded design to the Kone, but with a textured grip for enhanced comfort.

That's not the only reason for the high price, though. This bad boy includes the Qi charging system. It literally charges wirelessly just by gliding across the mousepad. You can also swap out the side grip manually for ultimate customization.

Wand to know what other models feature wireless charging? Be sure to also check out:

ROCCAT Kone Gaming Mouse

Price: $79.99
Buy it on: Amazon

Most high-end gaming mice try to go as compact as possible, but there are other ways to achieve ergonomic, comfortable designs.

ROCCAT does the exact opposite here with the Kone, going for a rounded, larger design for bigger hands.

The weight remains the same, however, with the inward grooved tri-button thumb zone. Like this flared design? You may also be interested in these models.

  • Razer Basilsk
    • Price: $67.99
    • Buy it on: Amazon

Whether you prefer a slim, light wired mouse or a large wireless option with dozens of programmable buttons, one of these 11 gaming mice options will be the perfect fit for your usage, grip, and hand size.

Which one of these 2018 gaming mice models are you picking for the gamer in your life this holiday season?

Let us know your favorite gaming mouse in the comments below, and be sure to leave a comment if you've seen any killer peripherals we forgot to include!

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