5 Amazingly Creepy Five Nights at Freddy’s Cosplays

Take a gander at some of the creepy cosplays inspired by Five Night's at Freddy's.

Take a gander at some of the creepy cosplays inspired by Five Night's at Freddy's.
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Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) is a popular indie series revolving around jump scares. Various characters at a restaurant featuring animatronics come alive at night. It is speculated that a serial killer has stuffed children's bodies into them -- and it's the angry souls that come for the players. 

As terrifying as the games are, the cosplay they've spawned is pretty awesome. The following cosplayers not only nail the scare factor for their costumes, but also the cute and creepy that comes with it. Scroll through to see some of the best FNAF cosplayers have to offer.


Photography by The Will Box
Balloon Boy by Cannibalxxashi
Springtrap by Inuki Cosplay
Freddy Fazbear by Bibimbap Cosplay
Security Officer Cosplayer Unknown
Puppet by After Market Cosplay

Why not start things off this this amazing group photo taken by The Will Box? Featuring some of the main characters of the FNAF series, such as Freddy and Springtrap, this group nails all the looks. From the security officer wearing purple, to Cannibalxxashi using makeup to make herself appear wooden, the time and effort put in here is plain to see. This is a group I would not want to run into in any alley -- nevermind a dark one.

Nightmare Foxy by Hazy Cosplayer

Foxy started off as a cute pirate-themed fox attraction. What he ends up as is Nightmare Foxy -- a decaying, creepy animatronic ready to eat his next meal. Hazy Cosplayer has crafted many FNAF cosplays, but her Nightmare Foxy will truly give you night terrors.

Purple Guy & Puppet

Photographer OMarcel Photography
Purple Guy by Shiki-ty Cosplay
Puppet by Jun-Lilith-Cosplay

This photo is so cute it almost outweighs the creep factor it gives off. Purple Guy, the assumed killer, snuggles up with Puppet while holding a very busted up Springtrap head. The head is amazing in its detail. The two cosplays are spot on, with Puppet holding a present. Such a wonderful duo. 

Toy Bonnie by datlara

All the toys and animatronics in FNAF started out cute and cuddly, attracting children from all over to eat at the restaurant. Datlara has done a superb job capturing the cute look while still looking like a toy. Blue hair, cleanly applied makeup, and sparkly ears just bring this cosplay to the next level.

Circus Baby by zkimdrowned

Circus Baby is a new character in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. As the title character for Sister Location, Circus Baby is modeled after a clown. Cute by day, horrendous by night, she follows the toy vs nightmare versions of the other FNAF games. Kim Drowned has done an amazing job capturing the cute, yet still creepy feel, of toy Circus Baby.

Which FNAF cosplay did you enjoy the most? I personally love all of them, even if they do give me the creeps. What other FNAF costumes have you seen that are more terrifying than these? Let me know in the comments!