Face it, the FNAF franchise has some glaring plot holes and continuity issues

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I'm going to be honest with all of you, I can't stop talking about Five Night's at Freddy's... but not for the right reasons. 

Five Night's At Freddy's might be a cult favorite given the unique style and gameplay it offers, but unique gameplay doesn't make up for the blatant missteps within the entire franchise in regards to the plot and consistency. There have been some excellent theories and FNAF easter eggs, but some things don't add up.

If it was just one game, maybe it could be easily overlooked but seeing as Scott Cawthon is working on a fourth and, thankfully, final Five Night's at Freddy's, all just can't be forgiven just yet.

Don't get me wrong, the game is certainly not a novel and I don't expect everything to be written out for me. Missing elements can be a great thing as it keeps fans thinking and interested; however, when things contradict other previously stated points there's an issue. Unfortunately FNAF has lots of contradictions. 

So, with that being said; here are the biggest plot issues within the current trilogy. 

Published May. 27th 2015
  • This game is stupid
    I feel like there is a bit more than what you listed that's wrong with this game. Why the hell does this place even exist? It seriously hasn't been shut down? Who in their right mind would program robots to behave such a way? There is no way clumsily built animatronics even have the dexterity to put an endoskeleton in a suit, and why the hell would they need to anyways? And doors that shut from the ceiling that need to power to stay closed? What? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Why the hell do they run on a limited power source? The game play and atmosphere are fantastic and original ideas but the premise is so unbelievable it ruins it
  • Brandon_5003
    Okay, I'd like to answer some of your questions.

    1. Why is there no blood or mucus?
    It was cleaned out years ago. Before FNaF2, which is a prequel. They tried fixing the robots, and they took out the corpses.
    2. Why is Phone Guy still alive?
    Because, again, FNaF2 is a prequel. It takes place BEFORE Phone Guy died.
    3. Where was Springtrap?
    The reason nobody smelled Springtrap was because he died AFTER FNaF1. The restaurant was closed down and abandoned. Nobody was working there. So nobody would smell Springtrap.
    4. Springtrap's guts
    I'm no expert on necrotics, but I think 30 years is long enough for most of the body to rot away.

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