13 Rare Five Nights at Freddy's Screens You May Not Have Seen

Have you seen everything Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has to offer? I wonder.

You're more likely to see some spooky bits around Freddy Fazbear's Pizza than others; big surprise, right?

In a game with a bunch of tucked away lore and attention to small details to enhance the experience, it should be no surprise there are few things you must go out of your way to hunt for in Five Nights at Freddy's

I'm not sure how to trigger most of these shots (though some are obvious). These images were found in the game's files, which is why there is no static. There are four rare poster shots not found here, but can be found near the bottom in my article on Five Nights at Freddy's lore.

I have also worked up a similar list of rare screens for Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

1. The bots all looking at the camera (Cam 1A)

This one is hard to get because the animatronics don't all stay on stage for very long. The window to see this any night is short and the chances are extremely low.

2. Freddy leering at you from the stage (Cam 1A)

This shot isn't terribly hard to get. There seems to be a chance when looking at Freddy after both Bonnie and Chica have started making their rounds.

3. 'It's me' sign in Pirate Cove (Cam 1C)

This will only happen once Foxy has already left and is making a break for you, usually on later nights. These are also the words that come up when you see Freddy's face flash on the screen, and can be seen in an especially rare shot seen below.

4. Poster of Freddy ripping his head off (Cam 2B)

The usual poster for this simply has Freddy holding a mic, but there is a low chance of seeing this variation when looking at Cam 2B.

5. Poster of Golden Freddy (Cam 2B)

This is an especially rare event, and immediately leads to Golden Freddy himself appearing in front of you (and killing you). This seems to only be triggered by closing both doors for a prolonged period and mostly keeping your eyes on the cameras.

6. Bonnie's twitching face (Cam 2B)

If you're like most players, chances are you aren't keeping a huge eye on Bonnie. Bonnie is generally the most frequent visitor to your office, so it's generally better to just check the light in the left door.

This face in particular is the one it switches to and from when twitching violently in later nights. Unlike Chica's, Bonnie's is only 2 frames.

7. Bonnie's creepy face 1 (No cam)

The exact trigger for this screen is unknown, though sometimes it does appear during the 'IT'S ME' screen flashes along with Freddy's face. I have seen the game freeze on this face and give a game over once, but it was probably a bug.

8. Bonnie's creepy face 2 (No cam)

Bonnie sure is charismatic! This is simply a variation of the above. I am not sure which one appears during which events, nor what their exact triggers are.

9. Bonnie patrolling the back room (Cam 5)

This one isn't that rare on nights 2 and 3, but the bots don't let up starting on night 4 and above. This screen in itself isn't so bad, but..

10. Bonnie peering at the camera (Cam 5)

Every once in a while Bonnie will peer into the security camera in the back room. With the static, this screen is more than a little spooky.

Bonnie sure gets around, doesn't he?

11. Animatronics in back room looking at camera (Cam 5)

This seems to appear more either soon before or after you get 'IT'S ME' flashes. As you can see, the heads have all adjusted to look the camera and even the endoskeleton is looking up with its mouth open. Two heads on the back wall have some crazy eyes going on as well.

12. Crying children posters (Cam 4A)

Remember that whole thing about someone abducting children in the restaurant? Even if you don't, this is a startling sight to see! This screen is especially rare, and I've never seen it neither in streams nor in my own gameplay.

13. 'IT'S ME' written on the walls (Cam 4A)

How this screen is triggered is a bit of a mystery, and it is another one I've yet to witness myself. This is the last and most elusive instance of 'IT'S ME' in the game.

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Published Dec. 9th 2014
  • AwesomeBoyCrazy
    WTF i did not know about this im trying to hack the FNAF cameras real life :) :)
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    Markipiler is Awsome😎😄😄😄😄😄😄😄💔💔💔
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    FNAF and markiplier and jacksepticeye undertale rules❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊
  • StonePISC
    my thing is i keep on having its me writing on the wall and it also keeps flashing up on my screen and all of the animatronic faces flashing up, and golden freddy keeps appearing and leaving, and i keep seeing a wierd figure in the hallway with the lights flashing on and off... and this is fnaf 1, and i also keep seeing page 11 with all the heads looking at cam 5
  • Puppet_4337
    What is the name of your YouTube Channel. I will subscribe. :D
  • Puppet_4337
    The right comment in the wrong place can make a difference in the world:
    Toy Bonnie is a boy
    Mangle is a girl
    Marionette has no gender
  • Puppet_4337
    Lol. That's probably what I would do. :P XD
  • Cake _4639
    I've seen 1 and 9 before. When 1 happened I screamed and had to watch an hour of nyan cat.
  • Bonnie_2226
    You guys I might start a YouTube channel in a year! Also the marionette was in my room
  • Bonnie_2226
    I have seen the golden freddys poster and after that I shut the computer and never played the game
    in just 20 minites starting NOW
    five nights at freddys? Hun im not screer bring me a creppy picture of freddy please?
  • MysticRainbowDragon
    Number 8 happens randomly when you start up the game sometimes. Number 9 is usually where Bonnie goes first in night 2. 10 happens sometimes when you keep looking at Bonnie. And thanks for the golden Freddy advice. I was wondering why he kept appearing. The crying posters have happened at least 3 times for me and the creepy Bonnie loading screen has happened twice. I've only been playing for a month. The Freddy staring one happens almost every time I play.
  • jack_6598
    That's so creepy yo
    I cried one day when I saw the sign say it's me
    In pirate cove
  • Hamish_3414
    When I played numberone on the iPad version the bonnie with no eyes cam up when I tapped the app and after about ten seconds it went to the main menu do you know what this means if so please tell me I really want to know
  • Mac_1933
    I've gotten the its me sign and I wondered what the hell! I've gotten Bonnie looking at the camera and Freddy ripping off his head
  • Lindsey_8820
    I mean, what's the purpose??
  • Lindsey_8820
    ugh. I hate fnaf
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    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ FNAF I 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖it
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