Five Nights at Freddy's: Lore Hints You May Have Missed

Just what is happening in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza?

At first glance, Five Nights at Freddy's is a straight-forward game of power management, reflexes, and jump scares. But did you know there's more to the mystery of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza than it first seems?

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is (surprise) out now!

Wrapped semi-deeply in Freddy's is a bit of lore, quietly placed about the restaurant and in the nightly phone calls from the previous security guard. And that's not all: there are a number of unexplained spooks throughout the game that are easy to miss, unless you have luck and a good eye for detail.

Warning: Spoilers inbound!

Lore is doled out in small chunks in this game, and there is no direct correlation between everything. It gives you just enough to try to piece together what has and is happening in this children's restaurant, without giving it explicitly away.

If you've gotten your fill on lore, I've also pinpointed some rare camera screens you may be interested in taking a look at. On another note, I am super hype for Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and you should be too!

Phone recording lore hints

Pushing through nights 1 through 5, you will be greeted with a recording from one of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza's previous security guards. Each day's is different, with the fifth night's bringing the recordings to a close and leaving a lot of questions. Here are some key lore-related points in each night's phone call:

Night 1

Recording: "..upon discovery of death, a missing person's report will be filed within 90 days or as soon as the floors have been bleached and the carpets replaced.."
Conclusion: This basically says the company will clean up any trace of your death before contacting the authorities. They also do not say they will let tha authorities know you died on the job, but they will file a missing person's report. It seems they will essentially keep your death a secret, likely to their own means.

Recording: "..they're left on some kind of "free roaming mode" at night.."
Conclusion: This would explain why they move at night, and is followed up by something more unsettling.

Recording: "..they probably won't recognize you as a person... they'll most likely see you as a metal endoskeleton without its costume on... they'll probably try to forcefully stuff you inside a Freddy Fazbear suit."
Conclusion: So the security guard is telling you that if they catch you, you will probably be stuffed into a suit filled with hard metal components and wires, which will likely result in your death due to the pressure of the suit itself and the animatronic parts.

This is actually proven to be true by the Game Over screen, in which you can clearly see organic eyeballs and teeth coming from the Freddy suit in the back room.

Recording: "..then there was the bite of '87... it's amazing the human body can live without the frontal lobe.."
Conclusion: This tells us one of the animatronics bit a child in 1987. It's most likely the animatronic culprit is Foxy, the beaten up Fox found in Pirate Cove.

Night 2

There is only one real lore hint in night 2. There are plenty of gameplay hints, but only one pertaining to lore:

Recording: "..check on the curtain in Pirate Cove from time to time, the character in there seems unique in that it becomes more active if the cameras remain off for long periods of time. I guess he doesn't like being watched."
Conclusion: This isn't so much a conclusion, as pointing out a contradiction: Foxy is actually completely unpredictable, though it seems looking at Pirate Cove will make him come for you sooner.

Foxy is the only animatronic in disrepair, and is not even advertised by the restaurant. You don't see him in the trailer either, do you? It is most likely Foxy was the culprit of the bite of 1987, based on his sharp teeth and general disrepair. He doesn't even have a suit covering the bottom half of his animatronic legs.

Night 3

Recording: "..I had an idea: If you happen to get caught and want to avoid getting stuffed into a Freddy suit, uh, try playing dead... go limp. Maybe they'll think you're an empty costume instead. Then again, if they think you're an empty suit, they might try to stuff a metal skeleton into you"
Conclusion: This just explains to you why you cannot just sit still and live through the night, under normal circumstances. Furthermore, how can the animatronics think at all?

Basically this says you're screwed once caught. If this weren't bad enough, the fourth night's call brings the end to the previous security guard.

Night 4

The transcript for this call in itself is not worth mentioning outside of the guard requesting you check the suits in the back, presumably to see if he is alive.

The banging outside the doors sounds very much like Foxy, and you can clearly hear either Chica or Bonnie's groans in the background. Even worse is the power clearly goes out for him, as you can hear Freddy begin to play music in the background.

So the question this call poses: is the guard in the recordings still in a suit in the back room?

The answer to that is probably no. As you can see in the image below, all that is back there normally are some costume heads and an animatronic endoskeleton.

But the image that comes up when you die is a little telling (brightened and colors adjusted to give a good look):

The eyes popping out from the Freddy suit are organic, as you can see above. You can also see teeth, which are clearly different from the teeth found in the roaming animatronics.

You are in the Freddy suit in the game over screen.

Night 5

The call for the fifth night is the last in a series of progressively more ominous phone calls, and it is nearly impossible to decipher. One thing is clear: whoever recorded that message is not human (or is no longer fully human). Some speech can be made out when the audio file has been adjusted (video not by me):

One thing to note is this sounds similar to the voice Freddy uses when you see the IT'S ME hallucinations. This means it's most likely Freddy, and it is possible the last security guard was stuffed into the very same suit you are stuffed in should you be caught.

Further lore hints

Golden Freddy

The above is only further backed up by the 'Golden Freddy' suit, which is a rare event that only happens under certain conditions. If you leave both doors closed for a prolonged period of time and look at Cam 2B there is a chance he will spawn in your room. Even so, this is a rare event.

Golden Freddy is clearly lacking an endoskeleton. Furthermore, failing to deflect him by looking at your monitor will result in a unique death screen and close the game. He is also the only 100% proof something supernatural is going on in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. He appears in your room even with the doors closed and induces hallucinations.


What's the big deal about posters, you ask? Well, there aren't exactly a lot of other ways to get hints about what's going on. There is one poster in particular that drops hints about the history of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and its changes are elusive.

The poster in question is the one found on Cam 4B. It normally looks like this:

But has four other variations. These can be seen in the images below, with their text transcribed just below each one. Misspellings are simply as they are written in the images.

Kids vanish at local pizzaria - bodies not found.

Two local children were reportedly lured into a back room during the late hours of operation at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza on the night of June 26th. While video surveliance identified the man responsible and led to his capture the following morning, the children themselves were never found and are presumed dad.

Police think that the suspect dressed as a company mascot to earn the children's trust.

Five children now reported missing. Suspect convicted.

Five children are now linked to the incident at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where a man dressed as a cartoon mascot lured them into a back room.

While the suspect has been charged, the bodies themselves were never found.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has been fighting an uphill battle ever since to convince families to return to the pizzaria.

"It's a tragedy."

Local pizzaria theatened with shutdown over sanitation.

Local pizzaria, Freddy-Fazbear's Pizza has been threatened again with shutdown by the health department over reports of foul odor coming from the much-loved animal mascots.

Police were contacted when parents reportedly noticed what appeared to be blood and mucus around the eyes and mouths of the mascots. One parent alikened them to "reanimated carcasses".

Local pizzaria said to close by years end.

After a long struggle to stay in business after the tragedy that took place there many years ago, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has announced that it will close by year's end.

Despite a year-long search for a buyer, companies seem unwilling to be associated with the company.

"These characters will live on. In the hearts of kids- these characters will live on." -CEO

These posters are the biggest hints in the game, and are the only source from which we can learn about the restaurant's history. Unfortunately they reveal very little of the situation.

Could the man who abducted those kids simply be an animatronic, one of the pizzeria's previous security guards, or a pervert? What happened to those kids?

The interesting part about the abduction incident is one of the posters states the suspect was caught the very next morning after the security tapes were seen. That is not a lot of time to move two (or more) bodies around, and the bodies themselves were never found. The security tapes would also see them being removed from the building, if they were -- it is fairly clear those children's bodies never left the walls of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

And to the heart of it all, what is causing the animatronics to act the way they do from midnight to 6AM? The answer to that question could be the key to the answers to the rest. What happened to Freddy Fazbear?

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Published Nov. 10th 2014
  • kim_9003
    i have played five nights of freddy and it was scary be i loved it
  • Brittany_2838
    The game like the murder in Chucky Cheese.Foxy is like the manager that is hidden and more aggressive golden freddy is like the chef who played dead that is why the phone guy said to just play dead.
  • hope_8818
    and i like mangle foxy and foxy you are a pirate!! LOL
  • hope_8818
    anyone tell Karen I'm sooo sorry and post it on facebook please and i hate the jumpscares so scary and I'm six =(
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    yes i do...
  • hope_8818
    yes and if you dislike please do
  • hope_8818
    I hate old chica =(
  • Lydia Baer
    I think that the children were stuffed into Bonnie,Chica, and Freddie's bodies and that's why the animatronics move from 12:00-6:00a.m.
  • Speed_4362
    And, the bite of 87 is not caused by foxy: 99% proof on one YouTube video
  • Speed_4362
    So hopefully, he makes one more in five nights at Freddy's 3
  • Speed_4362
    The answer is in five nights at Freddy's 3
  • bella_7973
    ya : )
  • awesomehippiegirl
  • bella_8667
    can you make more plz
  • bella_8667
    this is relly good story . ; - )
  • Alex_7261
    Supposedly, the whole "playing dead" thing actually works. If, once the power goes out, you stay still (i.e. don't move the player's head and simply stare at freddy peering through the door) He plays a longer version of his song and gives you a little more time if you're close to 6:00. At least, it works whenever I try it.
  • Chris_3491
    But 1 question is golden freddy a human?
  • Ryn_7783
    They also say "Weve been locked away in our little zonee since 1987"
  • Ryn_7783
    also "an imposter took our lives away" and this song is sung by all the animatromics and toys.
  • Ryn_7783
    The offical osng says that "We are poor souls who have lost control, why do you want to stay?"
    and "for many years we been alone" and "were forced to be still and play the songs we still know from that day." I think that supports the reanimated kids theory \(I luv the theme song btw XD)
  • Devo_9205
    Who is Freddy? The real question is what are any of the animatronics? After all they all move around and kill you. also guys the it's been so long song is made up the mom is not a puppet no one really knows anything about this game and hopefully everything will be revealed in fnaf 3 and hopefully 4.
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