13 Rare Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Screens You May Not Have Seen

Have you seen everything in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 yet?

With all the music box winding and mask management in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, it's more difficult to get time enough to look around the restaurant's cameras.

Much like the first game, there are plenty of unique screens to be found as the nights pass, unfortunately you don't have a lot of time to look around and there are no lore hints hidden around, as seen in my original rare Five Nights at Freddy's screens article.

There are 13 listed here, the same as I listed for the first game -- but there were more overall in the first Freddy's. That said, what's present is interesting in its own right. Hopefully Scott Cawthon will update the game with more content, or add more tasty lore bits in the sequel.

1. The Puppet emerging from the box (Cam 11)

This is the first of two images of The Puppet leaving the giant present box. If you remember, this box is also seen in one of the minigames you have a chance of playing when you die.

2. The Puppet finally coming out of the box (Cam 11)

I'm not sure what the requirement is to see these screens. Maybe they appear when the music box is about to run out, or has run out? I haven't tested it yet myself. Unsettling either way!

3. Toy Chica hanging out (Cam 4)

You generally see Toy Chica hanging around other rooms, so it can be a pretty big surprise to see her hanging out here on Cam 4. It's tough to catch her here, since you spent so much time babysitting the music box, fending off Foxy, and paying attention to the vents.

4. Chica on the floor in the Parts/Service room (Cam 6)

This is one you don't see too often because Chica likes to spend her time wandering or camping the right vent. Generally you see Bonnie laid against the wall here with Chica more to the left.

5. Chica stretching her arms in a party room (Cam 4)

You get a lot of good looks into the bots' mouths in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, but most aren't so.. bizarre. Chica raising her arms with her mouth open and rows of teeth exposed is more than a little disturbing. What is she doing there, anyway?

6. Foxy getting ready to move in the Parts/Service room (Cam 6)

Foxy is definitely more of a persistent threat in Freddy's 2, so you don't see him standing around often -- actually, this is the only screen on which you see Foxy up and about, except when he's coming for you. I'm not the only one who was more scared of Foxy in the first game, right?

7. Freddy peering into the camera (Cam 3)

Freddy just doesn't get the attention he deserves these days. But that's okay! He's still out and about, looking for friends.

8. "Shadow" Freddy in the Parts/Service room (Cam 6)

This is one shot that's made the rounds among the community now, and is one you very well may see in-game if you check the storage room once in a while. There are a lot of theories about this guy, but there are three things to note:

  1. "Shadow" Freddy uses the same model as Golden Freddy, evidenced by the cables coming out of his eye.
  2. The bright eyes and teeth are similar to the ghostly Toy Bonnie hallucination you see in the security room ever so often.
  3. Just like Golden Freddy in the first game and the Toy Bonnie hallucination, staring at "Shadow" Freddy will crash your game.

9. A missing paper plate man (Cam 4)

Normally there are three paper plate men on the wall here, with the third to the left. The shot with Chica in Cam 4 earlier also has no third paper plate man, but you rarely have the time (or flashlight power) to see this room with only two.

10. The mystery bot (Cam 11)

Very few have seen this bot in-game, and I think we're luckier for it. I have only seen this bot appear in one stream, and have not seen it myself in my own playthroughs. The above image is from the game's files and is legitimate; however, what's most disturbing isn't this shot, it's what's paired with it...

11. Mystery bot in the vent (Cam 6?)

This is one I have not seen in-game nor in any streams. There has yet to be any proof this bot will actually move at all, but he's right there in the game's files. Maybe there's something we just don't know yet?

12. Toy Freddy and Balloon Boy in the game area (Cam 10)

Balloon Boy doesn't stand still for long during most nights, so it's surprising to see him still here with Toy Freddy in the room. There is a version of this with just Toy Freddy standing in the background, but that is far more common than seeing them both here at once.

13. Giant Golden Freddy head down the hallway

Golden Freddy is present in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, and he is much more common than he was in the original game. That said, it's not every day you get a look at his ugly mug from 40 or so feet away.

There are more bizarre things to be found in Freddy's 2, but they are more difficult to not only hunt down, but to also get screenshots or footage of. Hopefully I will be able to compile and share those soon, such as Balloon Boy hiding under your desk or the Toy Bonnie hallucination.

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Published Dec. 9th 2014
  • Luka_3994
    I once got shadow Bonnie in the corner of my room on my mobile phone and it crashed my game. Couldn't access it for like 5 minutes.
  • Luka_3994
    I'm curious, i don't know if this is something that normally appears. When i was starting up my game, before it brought me to the office, old foxy appeared on the screen. Is this normal?
  • Mangle_4979
    For all the people that don't know if you look at the puppets box when he is out in theight hand bottom corner you will notice that there is a ear sticking out
  • FnafGamerGirl
    U Sure?
  • LostFlameandSnow
    I don't think balloon boy hides under your desk... that's balloon girl.... I saw her (it was creepy little pink eyes peeking out.) But I just pulled up the moniter and she went away
  • Leah Priesman
    Who does the endoskeleton go with?freddy?foxy?someone please tell me!!!
  • Olivia_2303
    FNAF 4!! Has came ourt
  • Olivia_2303
    Bonny is my best
  • Fnaflovergirl
    Actually the ballon boy under the desk is ballon GIRL u might see top 10 facts about ballon boy
  • sarah_2294
    I only seen 4 of them I seen 4,5,6 and 7
  • Anime y FNAF 'w'
    *Creo que soy la única persona que habla español aquí*
    Por primera vez...Me siento especial...
    Oye, siempre Freddy aparece intentando dar la mano, eso da un poco de ternura y miedo HeHé~
    El punto es que ; Los animatronicos están hechos para proteger a los niños...Pero al verte con el traje, creen que eres Purple Guy (Mike el oficial) y te atacan.
    Tristemente, es por eso que te atacan HeHé...

  • JWTroxel
    The unknown is a shapeshifter with the true form of sparky the dog with giant human ears.
  • JWTroxel
    The mystery is really the unknown animitronic/sparky the dog/purple man.
  • Isabelle_8483
    I've seen everyone one of these but the golden Freddy head. I've never gotten golden Freddy. And I've also never gotten shadow Bonnie. That's a rare screen aswell.
  • erik_7762
    I say the foxy and chica one and marionette out the box you get it when you run out of time when you see him out your down hes coming for you when I saw It I got SO SCARED.
  • Aare_6751
    So you know how to get in the game files
  • Myst Xtreme

    Endoskeleton in the vent. I didn't realize it was so rare.
  • serbando
    It fun to play at day
  • akbar_2988
    The mystery animatronic is freddys endoskeleton you can see it in fnaf 1 when you have open this game at right if you wait u can see this endoskeleton
  • Fnaflovergirl
    endoskeleton is in that room with masks and he is sitting like he is lonely #easter egg
  • Piper_5402
    Never mind
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