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A Demonic Reference Hides in Plain Sight in Amanda the Adventurer

One secret tape in Amanda the Adventurer hides an additional demonic reference.

A series of VHS tapes stored in an attic with a small TV and tape player tell the story of a father and daughter, the children’s show they created, and the company that bought the show. And these tapes have a demonic reference hiding in plain sight in Amanda the Adventurer.

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Amanda The Adventurer has a Demonic Reference in Plain Sight

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One tape eavesdrops on a recording session with Rebecca Colton reading out three sets of two words each. Her reading sounds an awful lot like a ritual, and she’s clearly uncomfortable with this, as her adoptive dad asks the director if it’s necessary. But the director forces her to continue reading out each set of words three times each. They are: “bye yell,” “pie man,” and “baa lamb.” Although these are seemingly innocent phrases, they’re meant to be phonetic substitutes for the names of three demons: Bael, Paimon, and Balaam.

The Tape’s Significance in the Story

Because she recited these names in a specific manner and with repetition of threes, she says at the end of the video that she hears a voice in her headphones. As a result of the director’s orders, Rebecca summons one of these three demons. But it’s not clear exactly which one. This leads to both her and the demon fighting for control of the cartoon character Amanda in Amanda the Adventurer. It’s a terrible fate for Rebecca, who ends up possessed. Then, it appears as though she gets killed and uploaded as part of an AI against her will.

But that’s the demonic reference hiding in plain sight in Amanda the Adventurer. Bael might be the easiest to recognize, but Paimon and Balaam aren’t used as often in any form of media. So, if you aren’t familiar with a bit of demonology, the whole reference can be missed. From here, check out more creepy content like the 10 best puzzle-based horror games or 10 best zombie apocalypse Minecraft mods.

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