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All Life Is Strange Characters Deserving Epic Returns

These amazing characters deserve a reunion game!

We all have our own opinions about the series’ best games, but there’s no denying that some characters in those games stand out more than others. With the exciting announcement of Max’s return in Life Is Strange: Double Exposure, we’ve been thinking a lot about other characters that deserve their own epic returns as well.

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6 Life Is Strange Characters We Want in Future Games

The characters genuinely bring the stories to life in these games, and we’ve only just scrapped the surface with some of them. These are all the characters we’d like to see in future games so we can dive even deeper into their stories and get another chance to play them.

WARNING: Some of this discussion may contain spoilers for the games, so continue at your own risk!

Daniel Diaz

Daniel is definitely one of the main characters in Life Is Strange 2 and the one with the supernatural gift. However, this is a rare case where you don’t actually get to play as the person with the power. Instead, you’re restricted to Sean (no complaints; he was a great character), who makes the hard choices for the two of them. I’d personally love to see Daniel return in a future game as an older, more mature version and actually get a chance to try his power out firsthand.

Daniel and Sean possible ending in Life Is Strange 2
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We see a glimpse of what older Daniel could look and act like at the end of Life Is Strange 2, in several different endings. Another game with Daniel could unfold more of how our choices in the previous game actually affected him and led him to take a dark path or use his power for good. Super Wolf and Captain Spirit could even reunite and explore a vigilante-type team.

Daniel is already a very emotional and complex character, but we only see him as a young boy. It’ll be great to see his character evolve, perhaps even past the age of what Sean was in the previous game.

Rachel Amber

Although Rachel is a supporting character in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm and briefly mentioned in the first game, Life Is Strange, she is a very important and complex character in the story. As Chloe, we go on an emotional rollercoaster with Rachel, exploring her dark and mysterious life. However, Rachel has so many other aspects of her character, such as hopes, dreams, and aspirations, plus a whole character arc that we barely get to see.

There’s a time between Life Is Strange: Before the Storm and Life Is Strange that we don’t get to witness firsthand. During this time, as hinted in Life Is Strange, Rachel starts to drift away from Chloe and forms a relationship with Frank. If we ever were to get Rachel back in a future game, I want to see all this time in between and the events leading up to Rachel’s surprising demise.

Rachel would be a very different character to play than the rest. She’s bubbly and passionate, but she also wears many masks. She gets along with the popular crowd despite being an outsider like Chloe. A game about her would allow us to explore sides of her and Arcadia Bay that we haven’t seen before.

Steph Gingrich

We see Steph first in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm and then as a more important role in Life Is Strange: True Colors. We even play as her briefly in the bonus chapter for True Colors. She is instantly a very lovable character in the series due to her geeky obsession with D&D. If you’re a fan of the D&D elements, like me, you’ll probably agree that a game all about her would be epic.

Steph and Alex in Life Is Strange True Colors
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Depending on your choices in True Colors, Steph becomes a love interest for Alex or ends up leaving town. Although staying in the town wouldn’t make it too different than True Colors, besides the switch of characters, leaving would open a potential new plot. It would be so much fun to see Steph on the road, perhaps with her own little camper, and have her world clash between reality and her D&D fantasy (similar to what we saw in True Colors but on a bigger scale).

Victoria Chase

Even though I absolutely hated Victoria in Life Is Strange, and Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, initially, she is a very underrated character that you come to appreciate later on. She’s the mean girl in the story, but she has plenty of other layers waiting to be peeled back. Behind every mean girl is a very insecure girl who is hurting, which makes Victoria so intriguing as a character.

Victoria Chase in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm
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We see Victoria’s obsession with popularity and attention-seeking qualities all throughout the first two games. However, there are a few times where we see a different side of her as well, particularly when she’s speaking to Nathan in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm and after she’s kidnapped by Mr. Jefferson in Life Is Strange. Those moments are what made me look past her bad qualities and really wonder about who she could be as a main protagonist.

If we got Victoria in a future game, I’d love to see her past the Life Is Strange timeline (assuming she survived Acardia Bay). She is very academic and intelligent, so perhaps something along those lines. We could explore her dreams and aspirations more and witness how her past in Arcadia Bay has affected her going forward.

Lyla Park

Lyla is a truly lovable character right away who deserves more screen time than perhaps any other side character in the series. We see her just briefly in Life Is Strange 2 as Sean’s best friend and, adorably, Daniel’s little crush. However, once Daniel and Sean leave town, she isn’t really in it at all, except for a phone call or two from Sean if you choose to.

Lyla and Sean together in Life Is Strange 2
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We know Lyla was probably worrying like crazy about her best friend after the incident, but if you choose not to talk to her, you never get to see any of it. I’d love to see Lyla in a future game, perhaps one with Daniel as the main character, just to know more about her as a character and what she was doing during their whole adventure in Life Is Strange 2.

Chloe Price

Lastly, the most predictable character, but someone we can all probably agree we want more of, is Chloe! I instantly fell in love with her during Life Is Strange, and even more so when playing as her in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. Her punky, anti-authority attitude leaves so many opportunities and fun scenarios to explore still, and honestly, I’d love to see her story continue even past Arcadia Bay.

Chloe and Max driving her truck in Life Is Strange
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What I want to see from Chloe is a road trip out of Arcadia Bay with one destination in mind — California. She made so many promises to Rachel that they would ditch town and drive to California. If we get a future game, it would be so full circle to see her finally make it there, even as one last hurrah and remembrance for Rachel. Plus, we see how well Chloe fits in with the LA scene in the Life Is Strange graphic novels, so the possibilities are really endless here.

These are just a few of the amazing characters we’d love to see again in future games. However, there are plenty of others that would be prime for an epic return, even if it is just a cameo or side character. These stories are only so great because of their well-developed, eccentric cast of characters, and why I keep going back to them time and time again.

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