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All Life Is Strange Games Ranked

Not sure what game to play first? These are rankings of our favorites!

The Life Is Strange games all have different heartfelt stories and characters that you easily fall in love with. However, I found some of them were just a bit more enjoyable than the others. Here are our rankings of all the Life Is Strange games and also the best order in which you should play them all.

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Best Life Is Strange Games, Ranked

Ranking these games is not an easy task. They are all works of art in their own way and tell different stories for each character. However, after playing through them many times, I’ve ranked them on which ones are the most captivating and fun to play.

1. Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

Even though the first Life Is Strange game has the most sentimental value, there is something about Life Is Strange: Before The Storm that compels me to place it at the top. Chloe is by far one of the most fan-loved characters of all the games (and hands-down my favorite), and to play as her in this game made it instantly one of the best.

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Chloe feels like such a mystery in the first Life Is Strange game, but she drew us in as this punky but passionate badass. In this game, we get to unravel who she is even more and see what leads her to develop into the character she is in the first game. Along with seeing another side to Chloe, everything else in the game, from the music to the art style, just blends together perfectly and screams Chloe all the way. And despite her not having supernatural powers like Max, she still has a unique skill — to argue her way through any situation.

All the games have mystery, but this one felt genuinely different because it felt like we were waiting for Rachel’s impending doom. In a way, this made it feel even more heartfelt. We already have an attachment to Rachel because of the events of the first game, and seeing it unfold before us was heartbreaking and intriguing at the same time.

2. Life Is Strange

Putting the first Life Is Strange game any further down on the list is impossible. This game is the shining star of the series that introduced us to this crazy rollercoaster of emotions. For me, it was what made me fall in love with the story and characters and even narrative games in general.

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I can’t think of a better way to introduce us to this crazy world than Max Caulfield. Yes, she may not be as cool as Chloe Price, but she’s arguably more relatable to all of us geeky gamers. She’s also one of the fan favorites, which is why we wanted her for another game so badly (even with her new look). Plus, her unique power allowed us to see several different timelines of the game in one playthrough or rewind and make new choices. It was an idea that felt brand new to me and made it that much more exciting to play.

Let’s not forget some of the main features of Life Is Strange games that truly make each and every one the ultimate cinematic experience: the music. Life Is Strange reeled me in with the music, making it dramatic, relaxing, and maybe even a little bit sad all at the same time, and honestly, one of the main reasons I started playing the game in the first place.

3. Life Is Strange 2

Even though we are introduced to brand new characters in Life Is Strange 2, it is impossible not to fall in love with them as well. Especially if you have siblings, you instantly feel that connection between Sean and Daniel, and with that connection, the story gains much more tension and risk as you play through it.

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Daniel has a power that is so different from Max’s, which is one of the points that draws you in and makes you want to know more. However, this time around, you aren’t the one controlling that power. Instead, you are tasked as the older brother to ensure Daniel doesn’t misuse this power and makes wise decisions despite being so young. This dynamic and responsibility are daunting, which honestly makes it that much more enjoyable to see unfold.

However, there’s no looking past the lack of characters that we know and love from the first two games. While we meet a lot of new faces and come to love Daniel and Sean, it just doesn’t feel the same. This is why it falls a little lower on my list (even if the music and story still hit).

4. Life Is Strange: True Colors

Lastly, we have Life Is Strange: True Colors. Although it ends up last on our rankings, it’s by no means a bad experience. It still had that intense and beautiful Life Is Strange story, but once again, we’re experiencing it in a new setting with fresh faces. Alex is a likable character, but I didn’t fall in love with her like the others.

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Alex has a brand-new gift to bring to the table; not only is she a talented musician, but her power allows her to dig and manipulate others’ emotions. This definitely brought in some intense new themes and interesting topics. Not to mention, it brings iconic music to life by making the character actually create it.

I found that I lean more toward Steph’s character, being someone I recognize from past games. Her continued love for D&D and how she brings it into this story was one of the best parts of the game for me. However, that also means that Alex, as the main character, falls into the background a bit. That’s why it falls to the bottom of my list.

The Best Order to Play Life Is Strange Games

If you’re looking to replay all the games again before the release of Life Is Strange: Double Exposure, you’ll definitely want to play them chronologically. Not all of them are set in the same area, but they are still in the same universe and basic timeline. Funnily enough, my rankings already put them in the order I would recommend. Here’s another look:

  • Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – Set in 2010/2011
  • Life Is Strange – Set in 2013
  • Life Is Strange 2 – Set in 2016
  • Life Is Strange: True Colors – Set in 2019
  • Life Is Strange: Double Exposure – Potentially set in 2022

Now you know the perfect way to play through the series before the upcoming game, whether you’re a returning player or a new player. I’ll most definitely be replaying them again in anticipation!

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